Monday, January 26, 2015

Anderson Cooper Anchors In The Snow!

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded edition of AC360 from a balcony outside the Time-Warner Center tonight.  He asked Erin Burnett during the toss if he could borrow her hat as he forgot his.  During the closing segment he appeared in a hat and tweeted the following.

FYI - Mr. Cooper was photographed in that hat this fall and Newsies closed on Broadway this past August.  Not that witty Twitter posts have to be true, but it does make us wonder if Anderson shoveled the sidewalk in front of his firehouse three times today as he claimed during the broadcast.   Anderson did admit to Chad Meyers that he would have preferred to have been inside and Chad busted him for walking outside at 8PM just prior to air and saying it wasn't that cold out while Chad had been outside most of the day.   By the end of the two hour broadcast Anderson did admit it was cold out.  Now the question remains, did he get a ride home from Ashleigh Banfield who was anchoring from the streets of NYC in a CNN vehicle that had permission to be on the streets.   Maybe we'll find out the answer to that tomorrow during tomorrow night's weather forecast for the Northeast!

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aries moon said...

The way they were talking about how huge the storm was going to be, I was expecting AC and Chad to be blown off the building but it never really kicked up that much during the broadcast--the plus side was seeing the NYC skyline/buildings in the background. I don't think AC likes wearing hats--he said it was 'killing' him to wear that hat he had on during the NYE special and he waited until the end of the show to put on his Newsie cap--he's low-key vain! I can see AC shoveling snow--he seems like the kind of hands-on type who gets in there and does it himself--I saw a photograph of him hosing down the sidewalk in front of his firehouse once. Good luck to everyone on the East Coast affected by this major storm.