Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anderson Cooper Doesn't Like To Wear A Hat On TV!

Anderson Cooper was again on a balcony of the Time Warner Center anchoring an expanded two hour edition of AC360.   Better the balcony than the "Blizzardmobile!"   Here are a few of the lighter moments and an overview.

Concern over Anderson's refusal to wear a hat was a topic again tonight.  There were a few options offered by Chad Meyers and then Anderson wore the "Pipi Longstocking" option for a minute or so:

Anderson opened the 9PM ET hour of AC360 with an overview of the storm damage throughout the Northeast:

Some wondered if Anderson was a White Walker from The Game Of Thrones:

At the end of Randi Kaye's live shot from CT Anderson asked her if she had stolen her coat from a Yeti.  While the talk was about the size of Randi's coat, CBS and ABC reported a Yeti sighting in Boston today.  Wonder if Charlie Moore saw those reports?

Anderson closed the second hour with a report on how covering a storm isn't always easy for the correspondents:

From Twitter today:

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