Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper - LA to DC to Cupertino ?

After anchoring AC360 from the LA bureau last night Anderson Cooper caught the red-eye to Washington, DC to co-anchor CNN's State Of The Union coverage.   Tomorrow night he's scheduled to be back in California (Cupertino) for a three night speaker's series.  Guess Mr. Cooper will be racking up the frequent flier miles!

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aries moon said...

I was happy to see political commentator Karen Finney on the SOTU panel--she's a strong voice for liberals and pushes back against folks like Ana Navarro when they misrepresent President Obama. Paul Begala and to a lesser extent, Jay Carney, were also I would like to know the actual breakdown of the people who were polled about the president's speech--once the results showed that the president got pretty high marks from the public, Blitzer and Tapper were in a hurry to emphasize that the numbers were so good because the viewers were mostly Democrats--maybe so, but I'd still like to see the breakdown.

Too bad Democrats ran away from the president and liberal voters skipped the midterms or were systematically prevented from voting--as much as folks like Jake Tapper, John King and Navarro want to say otherwise, the policies that President Obama were able to put in place have helped steer this country in the right direction--if there had been more liberal wins in Congress, things would only continue to improve, but the GOP Congressional takeover means trouble for the President and the country. We'll need another liberal White House in order for the economy to stay on the right track.

I can't recall Anderson ever taking so much time off during the week for non-CNN events, but maybe this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed certain aspects of CNN's SOTU coverage, but agree that it pains CNN, like the Republicans, to give President Obama credit for anything. Navarro wouldn't even give President Obama any credit for the economy.

Also found the "love" for Joni Ernst rather disturbing. No one bothered to mention that Ernst grew up in the Reagan and HW years, not under the policies of President Obama or during the depression as her bread bag story would have lead one to believe. (She was born in 1970, not 1920.) I don't get the love affair with Republicans and Ronald Reagan. His economic policies were nothing great and the country paid the price for years. His oven VP (H.W. Bush) called it voodoo economics when he was running for POTUS following Reagan. And Clinton defeated Bush with 4 little words, "It's the economy, stupid." coined by James Carville as Clinton's campaign strategist. Another thing that wasn't brought up was the federal farm subsidies that Ernst family have benefited from.

I found Tom Forman's discussion of his trend lines or whatever they're called rather disturbing. He claimed Independents were closely tied to Repubs during the speech, when the line was closer to Dems most of the time. Like Aries Moon I would like to see the breakdown of viewers.

And AC360's silence on the systematic dismantling of the Voting Right's Act, especially during this week and with the movie Selma in theaters and Rep John Lewis in the audience last night is just mind boggling. I think that Tapper mentioned something about POTUS going to Selma in March for the 50th Anny of the VRA march, so we'll see if AC360 covers that.