Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper On The Late Show With David Letterman

Anderson Cooper stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday.  Dave gave Anderson a bit of a challenge at the beginning of his appearance.

And then their discussion began ~

And there was more after the commercial break ~

AC360 and @Letterman each tweeted out a photo promoting tonight's program:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Anderson was great on Letterman. For once, David eschewed the usual fluff topics and delved deep into serious subjects like terrorism and fundamental religious extremists. AC was nuanced and knowledgeable, and did a really good job explaining this complex situation. I'm sure some around here will take issue with his comment about the White House's failure to send the VP to last Sunday's massive rally in Paris, but personally I have to agree with him on that one. I support this administration but I do think they made a mistake by not having the President or at Ieast the VP attending this historical event. I'm glad the White House admitted that they should have sent someone, it's rare for politicians to admit mistakes, and it's to Obama's credit that he did.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Huffpost has a clip of AC denouncing the President, once again, about his failure to go to France in support of the unity march.
In all fairness, Joe Biden would have been more suitable. The President has enough on his plate and there were concerns about security whenever the POTUS travels.
I kept trying to remember when AC actually criticized W. for not attending a foreign protest, but nothing came to mind. Possibly because
AC never did. In fact, AC has yet to criticize any Republican about anything. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that Anderson admitted it was basically a photo op for the world leaders and that they didn't actually lead the march. That's something you won't hear on AC360 or CNN!

I enjoyed the discussion between Anderson and Dave. I've noticed that most have his last few visits to The Late Show have been after a big news story and of more substance.

I'm curious is anyone knows if there's bashing of the Canadian or Australian leaders for not attending going on in their respective countries, or if the bashing about not attending is pretty much a US/ugly American phenomenon. I'm pretty sure had President Obama attended the "photo op", there would have been bashing by the US media and US political right for his attending.

Also found it interesting that France jailed someone today for something they posted on Facebook. I guess France isn't about "free speech" as much as they claim to be? The again, Charlie Hebdo ran into trouble with the French government several years ago and was shut down under their original name, but re-opened with the name Charlie Hebdo. Something else you won't see covered on CNN.

Jaanza said...

Thanks for posting Anderson's appearance on Letterman. They had a great discussion. How awesome would it be to see Anderson have an informal, off-the cuff discussion on 360? Unscripted chat on whatever news of the day with Sciutto or Gupta or whoever. Although Anderson seems to enjoy going on talk shows and speaking his mind, is he really allowed to do so on CNN?

I'm glad Letterman asked about CNN showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons featuring Mohammed. Anderson had a very good answer (you don't want to compromise the security of CNN personnel around the world). I don't think Anderson ever clarified this point on CNN.

It's a shame the topic of the Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1000 lashes was never brought up; would have liked to hear Anderson's comment on that. (This was never mentioned on CNN either.)

@Anonymous yesterday - No, not in Boston but would love to visit the city someday.