Friday, January 09, 2015

Anderson Cooper in Paris, France on Friday, January 9, 2015

As Anderson Cooper stated Thursday night when signing off AC360, he was back to anchor the 9AM ET edition of CNN Newsroom.  What he probably didn't plan on was the rapidly unfolding developments would have him anchor for four (4) hours!

Anderson anchored an expanded 2 hour edition of AC360 tonight and opened the program with an overview of the day's events ~

He also gave a little "tour" of the memorial area and interviewed a former Charlie Hebdo columnist ~

At the end of the second hours he thanked viewers for watching and then tossed CNN's coverage to Don Lemon.

Anderson was Don's guest in the first half hour and gave this report on CNN Tonight ~

From Social Media today ~

And someone had a little Photoshop fun with an  Anderson screen grab on Twitter today.  First the real shot and then the "enhanced" grab.

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Jaanza said...

A big day in Paris and 360's first segment tried to pack as much info in as possible. Anderson reported on the terrorist brothers being killed, the hostage ordeal at the Jewish grocery store with help from Jim Sciutto, Patrice Magnier, Samuel Laurent, Barbara Starr and Christiane Amanpour.

The second segment started out with Anderson talking about the female terrorist suspect but he brought in Frederick Pietgen to cover how the Kouachi brothers killing happened. Anderson also talked to Jeremy Scahill concerning the Al Queda and/or ISIS connection.

Mark McKinnon reported on "what neighbors have to say about the Kouachi brothers"; I've never liked this kind of report when covering any sort of criminal. I don't care what the neighbors say so I went to Hayes. When I got back to 360, Anderson was talking to a panel of a man and a woman, who's names were never shown in the time I was watching.

Next segment was a panel with Phillip Mudd and Patrice Mengier on Al Queda, local and global terrorism. I liked Mudd's comment '…you shouldn't call it a war, that implies there's an end to it. It's a cancer and it's going to take decades…'

The last segment of the first hour was Anderson reviewing the Charlie Hebdo memorial on the street and his interview with former Hebdo employee Caroline Fourest - which ATA has included in the post.

All excellent reporting about what happened in Paris. However, I wish 360 had made the time to acknowledge other news of the day such as the charges against General Patraeus, new developments in NJ Gov. Christie and Bridgegate, Mitt Romney stating he might run in 2016 and other news.
Maybe it was there in the second hour which I didn't watch ('Shark Tank' instead).

Will he be in LA for the Sean Penn Haiti fundraiser on Saturday? I'm guessing it's possible but not probable. ATA will let us know if he makes it.

aries moon said...

Very intense day of reporting--Anderson made the right decision in traveling to Paris to cover the terrorist shootings and hostage crisis. It's sad that there were casualties amongst the hostages taken at the grocery store but but good that French law enforcement was able to take down the 3 terrorists. I wonder if AC will stay for the big demonstration on Sunday? Seems like something he should be on scene for.