Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year's Eve Live With Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin - Part 1

The ladies of ATA are back from vacation and will be bringing you Anderson's New Year's Eve coverage over the course of three days and then Anderson's appearance on WWHL later in the week.

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin did a live tease for the NYE program during the 8:00PM  ET special - All The Best, All The Worst 2014:

The first of three and a half hours of the New Year's Eve program:

From Instagram :

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Anonymous said...

According to TVNewser, KG's outrageous self won in the ratings and yes, she and AC will be back for another cable NYE's celebration. Get ready.
Although I did not watch, until the ball dropped and they played 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' which I love, Griffin seemed fairly subdued, perhaps tired by then, and Anderson had three colors of dye in his hair.
If only it could be an outrageous year all the time for CNN....and it just might be.

aries moon said...

AC and Kathy put on another fun show--frankly I don't think they need the extras or other guests--I would be fine with just watching them acting crazy for 3 1/2 hours. I'm glad the ratings were good--and I'm glad AC managed to throw some shade at Piers Morgan, even if it was late in coming--Piers totally deserved it. Yay, looks like more Kathy Griffin next NYE! Haters gonna hate...