Monday, February 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Fake Babies

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

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aries moon said...

Not sure why AC360 insists doing big reports about Bobbi Christina's condition when that could be left to the bulletin if HAS to be done. If they could drop the weather updates and those pieces that are better suited for your local news channel, they might have more room for domestic politics (DHS vote for one) or other important issues that don't get much attention on the show.

Anonymous said...

Apparently AC360 has no desire to cover politics or things happening in Washington, DC that have long reaching effects. More and more it seems to be a cross section of tabloid stories and weather reports.

I'm over the "American Sniper" trial story. I'd still like someone to explain to me why it was okay for Kyle to take someone who he realized was "straight up nuts" (and there's a text stating that) to a gun range. Perhaps if Kyle hadn't had an over inflated ego this never would have happened. While I respect Kyle's ability as a sniper and his service to our country, it doesn't make him a hero. From what I've read about false claims in his books, he seemed to be a person with a lot of "issues" himself. Apparently the "great state of Texas" and yes I'm joking, is more interested in putting the mentally ill behind bars instead of in a facility that will help them with their mental issues. Again, this story effected a very few number of people, but the possible shut down of The Department of Homeland Security and the issue of Bibi lying about Iran's nuclear enrichment program and releasing classified information the U.S. shared with Israel which effect a much greater number of people get zero coverage. CNN is really pushing it's definition of "news" these days. I guess it's easier to cover the tabloid issues than presenting big issues facing the nation? Seems up to John Stewart and Larry Willmore to cover the big issues facing the nation.

Anyone know why Anderson anchored AC360 from Washington DC Tuesday? He didn't cover any news out of DC!

aries moon said...

Totally agree with anon 11:47. 360 has been nearly unwatchable and I've been flipping back and forth between it and MSNBC because there seems to be nothing of consequence or any news that actually has a real impact on people's lives on the program any longer.

President Obama's veto of the Keystone pipeline bill and the battle in Congress about the DHS should've been top stories on 360 and the Chris Kyle trial moved further back. Anderson seems to be personally invested in the Kyle trial because of his great respect for the troops and he seems to have a personal relationship with former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell and his wife and he also is apparently incapable of reporting on Chris Kyle objectively--maybe I missed it, but I've yet to hear AC bring up the controversies and less than heroic details about Kyle that have emerged over the months. There have been many reports and Op-Eds that have dismissed the idea of Kyle as a hero and have looked into the darker side of his personality--many have gone as far as saying the admiration for him is seriously misplaced. But you'd never hear that on 360. AC got the verdict he wanted and Kyle's killer was found guilty.

Rachel Maddow had on former Marine Rep. Seth Moulton who served in Iraq, engaging in fierce battles and subsequently receiving two medals of valor for his heroism. Moulton never disclosed that info (not even to his parents), didn't campaign on it, and only until the Boston Globe found out about his heroism in Iraq and wrote an article about him did the story come out. I remember AC saying recently that the veterans he's talked to find those who go around telling war stories unseemly. Rep. Moulton would agree with that. Chris Kyle served his country and for that he has the nation's respect but he was clearly a flawed and somewhat disturbed, dishonest person with MANY issues, racist tendencies being one of them. I wish AC had the same level of interest and admiration for Moulton, who is the very definition of a genuine hero and who deserves the same amount of airtime and devoted coverage that Chris Kyle has received on 360, even if he's not seeking it out himself.