Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Nailed It!

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

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Jaanza said...

Overall a very decent 360 on Wednesday although I still wandered over to Hayes, especially in the second half of the show.

I was a couple minutes late, Anderson was already talking to Jim Sciutto about ISIS, Al Queda and Obama's speech. Personally, the use or non-use of the phrase "islamic extremism" isn't important to me but apparently incredibly important to other people. Fareed Zakaria and ? Nawaz were the panel on this issue. Zakaria, '…yes, it's islamic extremism but three are important reasons - political, diplomatic - for not using that phrase…', a discussion of Islamic extremism and ideology and at the end, Zakaria, '…it doesn't matter what you call it' and Nawaz, 'it does, you have to deal with what it really is.'
Why isn't Zakaria on more often?

At the start of the second segment, Anderson talked to Ben Wedeman about the battles with ISIS and then Graeme Wood talked a lot about "What ISIS Really Wants' (that was the on-screen title)

Jennifer Gray, Meteorologist, covered the freezing cold spell in much of the U.S., followed by a Bulletin.

Because I had already read quite a bit on the latest in the Las Vegas road rage murder, I didn't stay for this segment but later saw Anderson wrapping up a panel with Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos.

The Eddie Ray Routh ''American Sniper' trial got a segment. I watched Hayes. Since 360 was followed by a whole hour of the 'American Sniper' trial, why did 360 have to spend a whole segment on it?

The Ridiculist was pretty good. I especially liked the Weather Channel's guy exuberance about snow thunder. But how rare can snow thunder be? I've heard it a few times; that might be just because Minnesota is sloppy about transitioning in and out of winter.

aries moon said...

It's great when 360 has serious political discussions with credible people but it is frustrating when 360 and the rest of the media get hung up on terminology instead of focusing on the real issue at hand. President Obama is actually dealing with the problem of how to stop ISIS and working out strategies while reporters and pundits yammer about language.

I think Anderson's a great admirer of Chris Kyle and the outcome of the trial might be important to him. Kyle doesn't interest me because I've learned some awful things about him that AC seems to be willing to dismiss entirely--Clint Eastwood (yuck) even admitted recently that Kyle was not exactly a hero. AC seems to have a blind spot when it comes to military and law enforcement and they appear to be above reproach for him.

Liked the Ridiculist, AC, Cantore, banana weather woman and Hammer-time dancing woman were all funny.

Anonymous said...

Found it interesting that Ivan Watson tweeted a link to a Think Progress article that blew holes in Graeme Wood's article in The Atlantic that he discussed with Anderson last night. I would like to hope that people are smart enough to know that language does matter, that President Obama understands that and the mistakes of Bush will not be repeated. The Bush administration's total lack of understanding of the cultures within Iraq are largely responsible for the mess we are dealing with today. The Iraq war completely destabilized the region and President Obama is trying to be careful not to further that course.

Seems like Republican's didn't learn a thing. They don't seem to care much for taking scholarly intelligence and then nuancing that with political acumen to achieve the desired outcome. President Obama is trying to repair the damage Bush did to the U.S. standing within the international community and build a coalition that in the long run can fight extremists. Republicans seem to favor a "tough talker" even if the words coming out of that person's mouth are lies and even if they do more harm than good.

Would be nice to see congress and politicians come together to fight the problem we face against ISL instead of bashing POTUS for not using language they would prefer he use. They claim he doesn't get it, where I believe he does get it and they are the ones ignorant on the topic.

Guiliani spewed some hatred toward President Obama last night. Will be interesting to see if 360 covers that tonight and how they try to spin it.

@aries moon, I agree with you about Anderson's blind spot when it comes to the military and law enforcement. Like any other group, both have a few bad mixed in with the good and people need to be looked at individually instead of praised for being part of a particular group. I'm guessing Anderson has had experiences with the military and police while reporting in difficult situations that have effected his opinion, but he still needs to be fair in his reporting.

Anderson doing the "jazz hands" during the RidicuList was pretty funny.

aries moon said...

@anon 3:16 pm, excellent post. If only the media and our inflammatory 'friends' on the right could be as measured in their criticism as you and POTUS.