Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Anderson Cooper Back In NYC

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC to anchor AC360 on Wednesday night.   He anchored out of CNN's DC Bureau on Tuesday evening.  The following was posted to Instagram on Tuesday night ~


From Twitter today ~

And from Fran Townsend on Twitter (she was in the NYC studio with Anderson) ~

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Jaanza said...

I was 7 minutes last to Wednesday's 360 and I'm blaming my computer. Time just zooms by when you're reading something good on the computer.

Anderson was in the middle of talking to Frances Townsend and Shawn Henry about the three NYC men who tried to join ISIS. I'm glad this was the lead story and not the verdict in the Routh 'American Sniper' trial.

The Routh trial verdict, although the second story, got two segments. Unfortunately, Hayes was pre-empted by a 'Town Hall with President Obama' special. Instead I checked out 'Shark Tank' and the movie 'Argo' until 360 moved on to a new topic.

The new topic was Rep. Alan Schock abusing taxpayer funds for trips and concerts. It took too long into Athena Jones' report to find out the guy is a Republican. At the start of the segment, the picture over Anderson's photo should have shown Schock, his name and "(R-IL)".
This was the only political item in today's 360; the Congressional fighting over Dept. of Homeland Security funding and related immigration issues didn't even make it into the Bulletin.
Although there was seemingly no time to report what our Congress has or hasn't been doing, time was made during 360 (DURING 360, not in a commercial break in 360's time slot but time taken out of 360 itself) for a commercial for CNN's "Finding Jesus" program. I hate it when 360 time is used to promote other CNN shows.

Filler segment of the day was Gary Tuchman's report on how much of the Great Lakes was frozen over. Tuchman reported from an icebreaker ship on Lake Huron and maybe this truly was LIVE but it's hard to believe the LIVE icon when it's on all the freaking time.

Lastly, another look the the three almost-ISIS guys; Jason Carroll had the update.

Hopefully with two segments on the Routh trial, we see an end to this story getting so much time and attention on 360. I really missed Hayes because Hayes would have covered the DHS funding wrangling. I like Maddow but don't like it when she talks like she did last night, spending several minutes talking about boxing and a huge big-money fight coming up soon and then finally comparing that fight with the fight Obama's been having with the GOP. Maddow's great but sometimes takes too long to get to the point.

I like Frances Townsend's Twitter photo. It looks like Anderson is holding his glasses and makes me wonder if he wears them during commercial breaks.

aries moon said...

Watched 360 only for the Aaron Schock report (it was a shock that they'd even considered covering it since he's a Republican but I give them credit for doing it). Wasn't interested in a rehash of the Chris Kyle trial so I switched to MSNBC where President Obama was holding a very lively town hall meeting and setting folks straight left and right about who's REALLY holding up immigration reform.

Anonymous said...

After recent work done on his face I think he is looking really old.

Anonymous said...

While I wasn't really interested in the "American Sniper" trial, I was curious what the jurors had to say. I'm not surprised the verdict will be appealed. I found it rather interesting that Correa said "He shot Chad, which was a murder. It wasn't the American sniper but it was a human life." It confirmed my suspicion that Chris Kyle's "hero" status to many, weighed in the jury's verdict. I found it rather tabloid and disgusting that AC360 played the piece of Taya Kyle on the witness stand saying she was emotional. Her husband was killed, the news would be if she wasn't emotional. Hello? They also posted that piece to their Facebook page so all the "Partiots" could comment about what a hero Kyle was. It just makes me sad to see AC360 going the way of tabloid and Fox/Republican talking points.

I hope this story is over and Anderson takes stock of his reporting on such cases. He has every right to chose his personal heroes and spend his time off air with people of his choosing, but that should not effect his on-air reporting. I guess it's his new "cause" the way gay issues used to be? He has been silent on the recent anti-gay law enacted in Arkansas and that law effects a lot more people than Kyle's death.

Also the lack of coverage on the Department of Homeland Security funding is mind boggling. Thousands will have to work without pay. Senator Boxer laid into Republican's on Wednesday and today Boehner basically told reporters to kiss his ass. How mature.