Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday & Anderson To Appear on WWHL Wednesday

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio Tuesday night.

Anderson is scheduled to be a guest on WWHL with Andy Cohen Wednesday night!  Will they talk about their upcoming appearance in Boston on Saturday?

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Jaanza said...

I didn't get to 360 until 7 minutes past the hour and then didn't give it my full attention because of drama happening here. I'll explain the drama last in case anyone is interested.

Anderson was covering Rep. Aaron Schock's (R-IL) resignation after financial scandals. He talked to Dana Bash and another guy but I didn't get the tone of the discussion.

The news of an airline passenger going bonkers on a flight and trying to get into the cockpit was the second segment. After a report Anderson interviewed witness Pastor Joshua Lindstrom. Why was this on 360 before news of the Israeli election?

When I heard Anderson say something about a "letter" I at first hoped he would cover the letter sent to Iran by 47 Republicans and the fiasco that followed. Nope, it turned out to be a letter sent to the White House being tested for cyanide. Anderson had a Q&A with Jim Acosta no the phone before covering the Isreali elections and talking to David Gergen.

Houston police have searched Robert Durst's house as part of their investigation and Randi Kaye filed a report on Durst's allegedly self-defense murder of neighbor Morris Black. Anderson interviewed two jurors who helped decide not guilty in that case and had a little bit of input from Jeffrey Toobin.

Next up was a report on NFLer Chris Borland; he decided to retire early due to concerns about brain injury. Sanjay Gupta explained the details of the brain and repeated impact.

The last segment was an update on the White House possibly cyanide letter and a promo for the CNN show following 360 about the 1990 heist from a Boston art museum. It was a short promo, under two minutes, but the time could have been better used for a Bulletin.

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Anonymous said...

I'm placing this post under WWHL. I feel it is appropriate under this heading, especially since AC co-hosts with Kathy Griffin, who has been in the news here of late.
According to the NYTimes, online, Kathy Griffin's humor was totally inappropriate
and unappreciated on
"Fashion Police.
Her late friend and mentor, Joan Rivers was able to use the show as a platform and say whatever she pleased because, that was "all Joan." No one in the business was like her or could beat her at her own game so the show was "a perfect fit, and Ms Rivers Knew clothes and style and fashion, something Griffin has never mastered.
She was able to yell "Call FEMA," when a celebrity's taste in fashion on the R didn't appeal to her. It was, after all, Joan Rivers who put fashion and dress on the Red Carpet and call it her own.