Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Brief Interruption

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

The following interview with Robert McCulloch, the Ferguson prosecutor, was posted directly to

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Jaanza said...

It was an okay 360 although I spent a fair amount of time watching Hayes or simply channel surfing.
The first report about the drunk Secret Service agents crashing into the White House barricade was indeed Breaking News. But was it worthy of being the lead story? While the news was released now, the incident happened a week ago. And though the agents were behaving badly, nobody was killed.
The other news in the first segment was the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. Anderson talked to Sara Sidner about the details.

There was more news on the University of Oklahoma;s SAE fraternity, their racist chants and the backlash. Anderson's interview with Univ of Oklahoma President David Boren was very good. Topics covered included what went wrong, possibly of disciplinary action against more students, the question of the First Amendment, the Civil Rights Act and what happens now. Boren may have been spinning just as much as SAE guy Wegworst was yesterday but Boren came across as much more sincere.

The military helicopter crash off of the coast of Florida was mentioned briefly before a report on newly discovered Osama bin Laden photos and documents. Instead I watched Hayes interview Robert Reich on the 2016 presidential election.

Tony Robinson's death by cop and subsequent protest marches in Wisconsin was given 15 to 20 seconds before Randi Kaye's report on the killing of a U.S. Marshal Josie Wells in Louisiana in the line of duty. Hayes had a piece on the 47 GOPers getting flak for their letter to Iran.

Drew Griffin had a report on Rep. Aaron Schock's luxury spending of possibly taxpayer dollars. Hayes had a report on polls of news trustworthiness relating to politics. Face it, all you Hayes dicers, between Griffin and Hayes, you'd rather watch Hayes.

Thanks, ATA, for posting the Ridiculist; I was not able to see it during the 360 broadcast because when watching Hayes, my DH found out the next segment was on Google's "Knowledge Vault" idea and he had to see that.
I enjoyed watching the Ridiculist here; I thought the Canadian Parliament members were taking it in stride and that there was no way the American Congress would be so good-natured about small underwear. When Anderson brought up our own Congress I thought I was going to be proved wrong. Nope, it was just a shot clip of Blitzer interviewing former Rep. Anthony Weiner about his underwear tweet. Therefore my theory that the U.S. Congress can't have a good laugh about themselves still stands.

aries moon said...

A politician using taxpayer dollars to fund a lavish lifestyle is a story right up 360/Drew Griffin's alley, but since it's Republican Aaron Schock, I wasn't sure if they'd cover it. I can't stomach watching Drew Griffin, but it's good to see him investigating a conservative for a change.

360 seems to have chosen not to cover the 47 conservatives who thought it was a fine idea to send a condescending letter to government officials in Iran in order to derail whatever nuclear arms agreement deal President Obama is trying to negotiate. The "47 traitors" are backpedaling after being excoriated in the press and having to be taught by Iran's officials exactly how U.S. foreign policy is actually supposed to work--not sure why 360 hasn't talked about this yet--AC hasn't even had John McCain on to try to defend his party's disgraceful actions. The White House is going to have to respond to a petition asking for the 47 GOP senators to be jailed. If only.

Seeing Anderson without his glasses on in the Ridiculist is odd now that I've gotten used to him wearing them every night.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon. I was surprised they covered Aaron Schock, but then again the Chicago Tribune has been doing a lot of reporting on him and I'm guessing that's where Drew Griffin got most of his information and the idea. I don't think Drew does much actual "investigative reporting" but rather researches local media stories and finds one that interests him.

I can't believe 360 isn't covering the letter the 47 Republicans sent to Iran. It's been a big media story. The Chicago Tribune ran another good editorial on the topic and pointed out "It's also puzzling that the letter was signed by Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are quick to defend the president's constitutional right to wage war -- yet, in this instance, try to constrain his right, declared by the same Constitution, to wage diplomacy."
I'm guessing 360 is going to try to stay as far away as possible from any story that shows how this Republican Congress is unable to govern. Iranian leaders are not stupid, just the 47 who thought this letter was a good idea. Too bad AC360 won't cover it and do a Keeping Them Honest take down.