Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 Special Report: The ISIS Threat

During the 9PM ET on Monday, Anderson Cooper anchored a live AC360 Special Report on The ISIS Threat.  Anderson opened the special by giving a short overview of ISIS and various panel members made up each of 5 segments discussing a specific topic within the broader topic. ~

Segment One featured a panel discussion on The Rise of ISIS:

Segment Two featured a somewhat different panel and tackled the question of What will it take to stop ISIS?

In Segment Three a panel talked about The ISIS Recruitment Machine:

In Segment Four a panel discussed How ISIS Makes And Takes Money:

The Fifth and final segment discussed Life Under ISIS' Rule.  Anderson and the panel spoke with a "Syrian Activist" by phone as he explained the conditions he witnessed:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

While in theory this special was a good idea I have a few suggestions for how it could have been better.

1 - Anderson eluded to the de-stabilization of Iraq caused by the Bush war was what spawned ISIS, there should have been further explanation and discussion.

2- The Suuni/Shia divide and how the Bush Administration didn't understand it should have been explained in greater detail. Many people still don't understand the divide. Until people understand the divide they will never understand the region and the conflicts.

3- Anderson spoke of Fareed Zakaria's interview with King Abdullah and Abdullah's comment about WW3 in his opening remarks, he didn't follow up with what King Abdullah meant by that comment. Nor was the part of the interview played where King Abdullah stated President Obama was right not to call ISIL "Islamist extremists". King Abdullah called them the "outlaws" of Islam and gave a good explanation on why words matter.

4- While scholars can give good background information on a topic, they are not politicians or experienced in the political realm. Their information may be helpful, but should not be considered the whole picture.

5 - Not sure why AC360 or the media in general hasn't played up the fact that the people ISIS executes are dressed in the orange jumpsuits worn by those taken as U.S. prisoners and placed in Abu Ghraib and GITMO where the U.S. military in charge of the prisoners tortured and humiliated them and disgraced the religion of Islam by defacing the Koran, etc.

6 - Please find someone other than former Bush officials or Iraq War brass to speak on these issues. The Bush Administration spawned this mess by their lack of knowledge or forethought and their use of torture.

While I certainly don't condone terrorism and consider ISIL terrorists, I think to pretend The Bush Administration wasn't responsible for spawning or feeding the ideology is naive. I also think it's naive that a group of scholars or former military officials can solve the problem.

Jaanza said...

Anon 9:28 PM - excellent comment! While Anderson/360 has been only very lightly criticizing Republicans lately, it's good to hear him state Dubya Bush started this whole mess.
I totally agree there needs to be better pundits/experts on CNN to provide analysis and, hopefully, solutions. However, if they just stop relying on post-Dubya officials, scholars or not, that would be good enough for me.
Good point on #5 - the orange Gitmo jumpsuits. I really never noticed that before.