Friday, March 27, 2015

Anderson Cooper on Friday, March 27, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored CNN Newsroom from 9:00-11:00AM ET today and then taped an hour of AC360 that aired at 8:00PM ET.  Still puzzled by the "Breaking News" banner on a taped program.

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Jaanza said...

First, i missed the first 18 minutes of 360 Friday; this time due to looking up Picasso works on the upstairs computer and I completely lost track of time.

Second, I didn't notice the show was taped. However, I did notice some obviously taped reports were missing the usual LIVE icon (most blatantly the second Randi Kaye report in which she's sporting very different hair).

I got to 360 during the Nic Robertson report on Flight 9525 from France. It was followed by a report from Karl Penhaul demonstrating how difficult the French alpine terrain was by hiking about and jumping through streams. If it wasn't for the airplane crash, the scenery was beautiful.

The next segment had a report by Kyung Lah from a flight simulator talking to a real pilot about what could have happened in 9525's cockpit. A discussion by Richard Quest and Don Stock followed.

Randi kayo's first report was on airplane cockpit safety and changes the crash of 9525 might bring. Miles O'Brien and Justin Green analyzed what happened in 9525 and the possible future changes ahead.

Filler report of the night goes to Randi Kaye's second one on airplane black boxes. The report focused on a 1998 crash and one of the 9/11 planes. In this report Kaye's hairstyle was much different and despite the 9525-relevant voiceover in the last 10 seconds, I'd guess the rest of the report was several years old; something that's found on the shelves, dusted off, an update tacked on and aired again.

Did 360 really run out of 9525 tangent topics? Is that why Malaysian Flight 370 was revisited in the last segment? Admittedly, it was good publicity for David Soucie's new book on mH 370 but I changed the channel.

Next time I'm in New York City, I'll have to check out John's Pizzeria on Bleecker. I like the t-shirts and maybe it's really good pizza… and maybe Anderson will be in the booth next to mine.