Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Anderson Cooper Anchors AC360 Live From North Charleston, S.C.

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 Live from North Charleston, S.C.   We will be posting video of Anderson's interviews with Walter Scott's mom, brother and pastor tomorrow.

A few photos posted to social media today:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

This week hasn't been working out so well for me and 360. On Monday my DH HAD TO watch 'Gotham' even though it was a repeat and on Tuesday I didn't get home until the show was more than half over.

Wednesday's 360 was a one-topic show. The topic was Walter Scott, the unarmed black man shot in the back and killed by a white police officer after a traffic stop. Remarkedly, the shooting was caught on a cell phone camera. It's the video that makes this so remarkable, as Mark Geragos pointed out several times, this sort of thing happens every day in this country and it's by pure chance Scott's shooting was vidoed.

This is a big important story but I wish Anderson had taken a few minutes to cover the verdict in Tsarnaev's trial for the Boston Marathon bombing. Also, Ferguson MO (hey, doesn't that ring a bell?) had City Council elections yesterday and for the first time ever the Council is evenly divided between white and black council members. Hayes, who was also in North Charleston, SC had a segment on Tsarnaev and an eloquent wrap-up stating the parallels and differences between Ferguson and North Charleston; he included the news of the council election.

Although I changed channels quite a bit later, I stayed with 360 for the first segment. It was great seeing Anderson as filed reporter and he gave a good overview of the Scott shooting. Martin Savidge had a report and Anderson interviewed Scott's mother, a searingly emotional piece.
*Anderson introduced the interview stating he "…a short time ago I spoke with Walter Scott's mother…" and the interview was shown without the LIVE bug in the corner of the screen.

In the next segment, 360 showed an interview with the young man, Felden Santana, who took the cellphone video of the shooting. A good interview but obviously done earlier in the day (just look at all that sunshine!). Alas, the LIVE bug was on for the entire piece.
Randi Kaye had a report analyzing the video and then a panel of Mark Geragos, Dan Bongino and Charles Blow discussed many points about the shooting.

The panel continued into the next segment. It was a good look at many of the issues involved and at one point Geragos and Bongino had a rather heated verbal sparring against each other. Geragos said a lot of smart remarks, Bongino (the former NYPD cop) was rather lukewarm in how important the video is and Blow had the best comment of the night. Blow pointed out that the second cop on the scene didn't come forward with his POV (apparently a lot closer to the truth than the original police report) until the cell phone video was shown all over the place.
Later on Bongino did say the shooting was horrible and oddly, "…perception is reality…" Does that mean what everyone perceives they see in the video is not quite reality?

At the end of the first hour, Anderson talked to Sunny Hostin and Seth Stoughton. I did not watch the second hour, maybe that's when Anderson mentioned Tsarnaev and the Ferguson City Council elections.

Anybody want to guess if Anderson will still be in North Charleston for Thursday's 360? I have a feeling he will be.

aries moon said...

Mark Geragos, Van Jones and Charles Blow have all been on point in their commentary on the Walter Scott shooting. On Tuesday's 360, there were very contentious arguments between Mark and Harry Houck--Geragos clearly has zero interest in listening to apologists for the police--Houck admitted that Officer Slager was in the wrong and the video is quite damning for him, but he ended up getting chewed out by Geragos for coming up with the usual tired excuses bad cops use after they've killed a person of color. Geragos was just as riled up on Wednesday's 360 as he battled with Dan Bongino--Anderson had a lot of trouble trying to calm Geragos down. I agree with everything Geragos has said about the police and the Walter Scott case, but AC's right about him talking all over the other guests, it's not the best way to have a discussion, but I do understand why he's so passionate about getting the truth out there and I applaud him for it.