Thursday, April 30, 2015

Anderson Cooper Live From Baltimore on Wednesday, March 29, 2015

Anderson Cooper and John Berman filled in for Jake Tapper and co-anchored The Lead from Baltimore on Wednesday.

Anderson was back to anchor two live hours of AC360 from 8PM to 10PM ET.  Included in the 8PM ET hour was his interview with Toya Graham and her son Michael:

Anderson spoke to an unidentified close friend to one of the police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray and then Sunny Hostin and Jeff Toobin weighed in:

The final segment in the 8PMET hour dealt with the use of the word "thugs" and was discussed by a panel:

In the 9PM ET Hour, Anderson spoke with Robert Valentine:

There was more of Anderson's interview with Toya Graham and her son Micheal:

Next Anderson spoke with Pastor Donte Hickman:

Anderson's last interview for the night was with Rev. Frank Reid III:

Because sometimes it helps to laugh....

Larry Wilmore had a little fun with Anderson, Don Lemon, the term thugs and civil unrest mom on Tuesday night's The Nightly Show on Comedy Central.  Enjoy ~

Some photos posted to Social Media from yesterday and today (Wednesday):



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Jaanza said...

Thanks for all the videos from Wednesday's 360; I didn't get home until halfway through the second hour.. Some comments about the videos:

- Toya Graham and her son Micheal, replaying the clip of her slapping and chastising her son for throwing rocks in the riot. I figured if Graham agreed to do media interviews, Anderson would do one. I just hope this wasn't the lead story. (And it was not a LIVE interview as claimed in the corner of the screen.)
It was an okay interview but too cute. How about a couple big serious questions about the death of Freddie Gray and the situation in Baltimore?

- I hated the second one, hate it when Anderson will take a second-hand account and lend it credibility. He did this in Ferguson when talking to a woman whose granddaughter called her from one of the riots. Anderson, "Now we're not hearing the account direclty with the officer but rather from a person who has a close relationship with the officer..." I don't see the point in these 'he felt this, he thought that' and so on type of interviews. Furthermore, Anderson stated he spoke to second-hand/hearsay guy "a short time ago" and still the interview has the LIVE label on.i didn't watch the rest of the video.
Funny how Ms. Graham said, regarding pulling her son's mask off, "...If you're going to be bold enough to do this, why hide your face?" Sort of interested if Anderson asked CloseRelathionshipToTheOfficer guy thsi question but not enough to watch the whole piece.

- Use of the word "thug" - a few clips but none of them Erin Burnett's contentious debate with a black man about the word and the "n" word. The panel discusssion was good.

- another interview with Robert Valentine, the Viet vet who stood up to rioters Monday night, now this guy seems to be some kind of authority or spokesperson on the riots. While it was a decent Q&A it also feels like this guy is trying to get the most out of his 15 minutes of fame.

- Toya Graham and son Michael, interview part two, still labeled LIVE but at least this segment has a good serious question about the police and then with Michael about his motivation and regrets.

I started watching the broadcast during Anderson's interview with Pastor Donte Hickman, at the moment when Hickman was half the screen and the fire at the church-sponsored senior citizen was on the other half. At first I thought this was a new fire in Baltimore because there was the LIVE in the corner. Then I noticed, in fine print at the top right corner of the screen, the word "Monday".

The following segments had reports from Chris Cuomo at a different spot in Baltimore and a reporter at the NYC protest.

During Anderson's talk with Don Lemon, he said there was also a protest in Minneapolis. It wasn't much of a protest. The Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter marched from a park near downtown into northeast Minneapolis. They chanted, waved signs, heard a few speeches then went home. The police stood by but nothing much happened. So I'm surprised Anderson even mentioned it.

It was an excellent 360 for hearing all about, and only about, Baltimore. Althugh the city reamins a big story, gomorrow I'd appreciate hearing about other news too.

aries moon said...

Anderson's coverage of the Baltimore riots has been good overall but I have to agree with Jaanza about the interview with the person who's close to one of the officers involved in the incident with Freddie Gray--these sorts of interviews tend to do more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

I would call the interview of the friend of the cop hearsay and most of the time it isn't truthful. And I agree it could cause problems later on.

Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 -
I can understand why there isn't an ATA post for Thursday's 360; it wasn't much different from Wednesday's. Both shows were entirely on Baltimore, covered the same angles and, with the exception of Toya Graham and her son Michael, talked to the same or almost-the-same people.

However, new to Thursday's 360 was a lot of coverage from Poppy Harlow of the riots in Philadelphia. Otherwise, viewers got the same people: Chris Cuomo, Brian Todd, Sunny Hostin, Jeffrey Toobin, Lawrence Koblinsky, Harry Houck, William Murphy Jr., Brandon Scott and other local community activists. Ivan Perez got a few minutes to discuss the legal/justice element and all talked about the current riot/march situation, what might be in the police and/or independent investigation reports due out on Friday and how people will react to those reports.

Today, Friday, the six police officers were charged with varying accounts of responsibility for Freddie Gray's death. This and numerous reactions will be 360 tonight. Although I doubt there will any non-Baltimore news, I'm still hoping Anderson will say a nice word about Sanjay Gupta doing good work in Nepal.

I will watch 'The Amazing Race' but may check out 360 if it goes to a second hour.