Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper on April 22, 2105

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but during the day on Tuesday he was apparently shooting a commercial for CNN...


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aries moon said...

Exposing police brutality and holding them accountable is very important and necessary, but I'm a little worn out with all of the coverage on 360 and wish they wouldn't do so many segments on it. I hope the focus of the news changes on 360 next week when SCOTUS is scheduled to tackle same-sex marriage and lethal injections. 360 also hasn't reported on the highly controversial TPP legislation or the "religious freedom" laws popping up around the country--it's time to get on with it.

I see AC's doing a promo for CNN. I wonder what happened to that segment with Anthony Bourdain that was supposed to be aired on 360?

Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 was mostly on Freddie Gray's death while in police custody in Baltimore and the resulting protests. On Tuesday this story received a lot of time but so did reports on U.S. relations with Yemen and Iran, what our warships are doing in the area and a report on an Alabama student who joined ISIS.

Wednesday's show started with a report from Miguel Marquez in Baltimore and a Q&A with Mike Davey (attorney for the suspended Baltimore police officers) and ? Ryan (Baltimore police officers' association).
Next, a report from Brian Todd at the protest march in Baltimore and a panel with Sunny Hostin, Harry Houck and Lawrence Koblinsky which covered much of the same ground as they did on Tuesday's show.
Then a rerport on the history of police brutality and excessive force in Baltimore and a talk with Mark Puente and Sunny Hostin.

The non-Gray/Baltimore segment was Anderson's interview with Doug Hughes, the postal worker who landed his gyroscopter on Capitol grounds last week. Even though the LIVE icon was on, it felt like it was taped days ago and if felt like filler.

There was another look at the Baltimore protest from Brian Todd and Miguel Marquez and the show ended with a Bulletin.

I don't have details on 360's coverage because of Hayes. Yes, I'm bringing up Hayes again. It's all because 360's coverage of Gray/Baltimore was redundant and Hayes was covering other news (politicians and climate change, U.S. Capitol workers (federal contractors) going out on strike today, transgender children and just one segment on Gray/Baltimore).
To all of those who get pissed off when I mention Hayes, I want to know if you stayed with 360 the entire hour without changing the channel. If you did, that's great. But I didn't like it and hope Thursday's 360 has a better variety of news.

Anonymous said...

I did watch the whole show. I was not interested in the interview with Doug Hughes though. Chris Hayes may have more stories, but to me he is as unappealing as Don Lemon.

Anonymous said...

Do you watch 360 for the news or to gape at Anderson? 360/CNN gets stuck on one story and repeats the same thing over and over, so like Jaanza I switch stations to see what others(not Fox) are covering and all I can say is that it is MORE than CNN is.