Monday, April 13, 2015

From Brazil To Switzerland, Anderson Cooper Has A Busy Week

Anderson Cooper posted the above to his Instagram feed on Saturday.

Wednesday, Anderson was in South Carolina ~

Anderson's interview with Walter Scott's mom:

And some singing happened while Anderson was at her home :

Anderson's interview with Walter Scott's brother:

Anderson's interview with a pastor in North Charleston:

And more singing to close the 9PM ET hour:

At the end of Thursday night's AC360, Anderson talked to Mike Rowe about the new season of Rowe's program on CNN:

And at the end of Friday night's AC360 Anderson spoke with Bill Weir about the season finale of Weir's program, The Wonder List.  While Weir wasn't in Switzerland for the episode, he was in the French Alps.  Maybe he gave Anderson some tips for his trip to Switzerland?

A few more photos from Social Media of Anderson in South Carolina:


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