Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Clickhold!

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and closed the program with a RidicuList:

Said tweets:

Anderson was on CBS This Morning on Wednesday talking about the One World Trade Center Observatory, "AC2" and David Letterman's retirement:

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Jaanza said...

Like Tuesday, I spent too much time during Wednesday's 360 watching Hayes instead. It's all about content. I'm glad Anderson gave viewers a warning ahead of time that the first story - dentists performing unnecessary work on children - was going to be difficult to watch. I immediately changed the channel. Hayes' first segment, "20/16 Hindsight" was about presidential candidates and the Iraq War with special focus on Jeb and Hillary. It included interviews with Ambassador Joe Wilson and Sen. Chris Murphy. No way was I going to watch scary dentists.

Different topic in the second segment, same result. 360 had more on the Texan biker shootout. Hayes covered Rand Paul's filibuster on renewing the Patriot Act and then a Q&A with Sen. Bernie Sanders on that and other issues.

Filler segment of the night was "Bin Laden's Secret Library"; all about what he read, what he planned, what he thought (fear of drones and electronics). The Drew Grififn report was labelled LIVE like every report on 360 is labelled LIVE but this one had the definite feel of having sat on the shelf for a while.

Next up was a report by and a Q&A with Panela Brown about the four murders at the home of the Savopoulus family which was also burned. This will also get a segment on Thursday because there's new news about pizza and DNA evidence.
The Bulletin at the end of this segment did not mention anything about politics, Jeb, Hillary, Rand or Bernie. Has 360 ever even mentioned Bernie Sanders is running?

My favorite segment of the night was on David Letterman's retirement. Anderson narrated a nice montage which included his own appearances on the 'Late Show' and then interviewed Bill Carter.

The Ridiculist was pretty good, how can it not be when you're talking about The Onion? But hasn't Anderson always taped them for over a year now? Wednesday's Ridiculist had the LIVE icon on. Admittedly, the LIVE icon can never be believed so either the Ridiuclist was truly LIVE or it was just another taped piece with LIVE stuck in the corner. Hmmm...

There's been a lot on Hayes in this and that's because sometimes Hayes has better news content than 360. I'd like more political news from Anderson and less crime news.

aries moon said...

Anderson seems less and less interested in political reporting these days--it might be that he was never all that interested in domestic politics and has always been drawn to international politics/world events. I also had to switch over to MSNBC for political news and I agree with Jaanza that 360 should focus more on politics than crime.

The David Letterman segment and The Ridiculist, with Anderson poking fun at himself, were the best moments in the show. It seems that AC360 wants to avoid as much political talk as possible until they are forced to report about it more frequently in 2016.

I always love when Anderson talks about his hometown New York City, so the CBS Morning News segment was fun.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to watch AC360 duribg "election" times because it is less about politics and moe about that days news until we have to listen to it for a whole year straight in 2016. I would rather listen to information about biker gangs than something that will be repeated over and over again 6 months from now when there are more debates and press conferences every other day.