Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Fitting Farewell & A Throw Back Thursday To Anderson & Conan from 2006

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

We dug way back in the ATA vault and found the video of Anderson's appearance on Late Night with Conan from May of 2006 when Conan used Anderson's book as a coaster.  It's just before the 6 minute mark.  Enjoy!

There have been a few vague tweets about Anderson taping another edition of the CNN Quiz Show the past few days and today the following photo appeared on Twitter.  A few details from CNNPR -    The 70's edition of the CNN Quiz Show with air Monday, June 8th and contestants for this episode will be Bill Weir, Alisyn Camerota, Richard Quest, Booke Baldwin, Don Lemon and John Berman.

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Jaanza said...

I mised the first minute ofThursday's 360; Pamela Brown's report on the quadruple murder in the Savopoulos' family home was already in progress. At that time, the suspect was thought to be in NYC (he has since been captured in Baltimore). Deborah Feyerick had more info on the manhunt and other details on the investigation. A panel of Harry Houck, Tom Fuentes and Kelly Knight analyzed.
Hayes' first segment was on the indictment of the six Baltimore cops for the Freddie Gray death. Anderson may have mentioned this in the first minute and I missed it. He simply never mentioned it the rest of the show.

Joe Johns gave a profile of the Savopoulos family and Anderson interviewed David Heilbronner on the similarities between this case and the Pettit case from eight years ago.

My favorite segment covered the latest on ISIS with Barbara Starr. There was a lot of information on ISIS, the fall of Ramadi and Palmyra, U.S. strategy and policy. This segment also had Sanjay Gupta's report from Syria on 'White Helmet Heroes', a group of people doing everything they can to help people in Syria up to and including saving lives.

I didn't watch Gary Tuchman's report on the Texan biker gang shootout but did see most of Sara Sidner's good report on the pipeline oil spill off of the California coast.

The Ridiculist was fun. I enjoyed the clips of Conan's show (Turn on Dave!) and the clip from Anderson's recent interview of Conan at the Paley Center. Was it truly LIVE or was this another time the LIVE icon was simply there?

Big thanks for the video of Anderson on Conan's show all those years ago. It was fun to watch again.

Thanks also for the info on CNN Quiz Show. John Berman was just on Celebrity Jeopardy; can't remember too many details except that he ended up in second place I'll definitely watch the Quiz Show episode with Richard Quest..

Just one last comment about covering politics. While it's way too early to campaign for the 2016 presidential election, some candidates are already in full swing. 360 had decent coverage last week of Jeb and his comments on Iraq. Despite the election being more than a year away, the candidates and the stupid things they say shouldn't be ignored.
However, I totally agree with the commenter yesterday who said we're all going to be so sick of 2016 election coverage soon enough.

aries moon said...

A very cool gesture by Conan O'Brien to have his viewers switch over to David Letterman's last show--goes to show how much Letterman was admired and respected by his fellow talk show hosts.