Friday, May 08, 2015

Anderson Cooper Anthony Bourdain Talk Scotland & Miami in Anderson's Kitchen

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair from the NYC studio for both Thursday and Friday's AC360.  Thursday's program centered around Tom Brady and DeflateGate while Friday's program covered a wider variety of topics.  Friday's program ended with more of Anderson's cooking with Anthony Bourdain in the firehouse kitchen and talking about Scotland.


Last week's video on Miami didn't make it to air, but was posted on

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was too much on Brady, the NFL and DeflateGate. I was disappointed it was the lead story. Yes, there was the live Q&A Brady had with Jim Gray but the topic didn't deserve 80% of the show.
Hayes also started with Brady and "BallGhazi" but only for the first half of his show. He also covered the court ruling on NSA phone surveillance and two segments on the TX group who held the 'Draw Mohammed' meeting with special focus on founder Pamela Geller (loved the segment title, 'The Right to Be Horrible').

360 was only about Brady and the footballs until :50 into the hour when Anderson had a short segment on a tornado in TX and a look at the aftermath of yesterday's tornadoes in OK, KS and NE.

At the end of the show was another short segment (maybe 2 1/2 minutes?) on the TX group, focusing on the warning the FBI gave to local officials before the shooting happened.

On Friday, although I was watching 'The Amazing Race', I checked in on 360 during commercial breaks. It started with a report on higher security levels at U.S. military basis and more on the charges against the six Baltimore cops. Later there were reports on the small plane that crashed onto a highway in Atlanta and the doctor with ebola in his eye.

Anderson's report on Lumber Liquidators and their formaldehyde-laden fake wood floors form '60 Minutes' was aired. Not sure if 360 had the entire report but was sure that it was broadcast with the LIVE icon on.

Also broadcast LIVE was Anthony Bourdain cooking up something for Anderson. I'm not interested enough in these to watch. Has anyone been watching Bourdain's shows? They certainly get a lot of promotion, not just on 360 but many commercials.