Thursday, May 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper & Conan OBrien to Appear At Paley Center on Friday, May 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC studio to anchor AC360 on Thursday night.

In honor of  Anderson & Conan at the Paley Center tomorrow night....

.... we bring you this gem from June 21, 2011 when Anderson interviewed The Onion staff at the Paley Center:

Chicago is looking forward to Anderson and Andy Cohen bringing their AC2Live show to the Chicago Theatre.   For information on upcoming  show dates, visit

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Jaanza said...

Coverage of the Philadelphia train derailment/crash on Thursday's 360 should have been cut in half. It was juts too much. That's why I check out Hayes and channelsurf.

The show started with an overviwe and then more details from Drew Griffin. Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin about possible charges against Engineer Bostian and the NTSB investigation. Sanjay Gupta was there to talk about Bostian memory lapse and possible concussion.

Drew Griffin was back with more details.
Anderson talked to Robert Sumwalt of the NTSB about its investigation.
Tom Foreman covered train speed control technology.
More Drew Griffin and a report on "Bomb Trains" which carry oil and other combustable explosive substances.

My favorite segment of the night was the only one not about the Philadelphia train crash. 360 finally took a good look at "The Iraq Question" and Jeb Bush's changing answers to it ("With what you know now about the Iraq war, would you have started it?") Anderson said Jeb "walked back" his first response, Jeb said he "interpreted the question wrong". John King and Gloria Borger had a terrific discussion on other possible answers to that question, how Jeb's responses affect the GOP base, how the question could have been misinterpreted at all, is Jeb's excuse credible, questions of Bush family loyalty, Jeb's electability and correlating Jeb and Dubya's campaign relationship to Hillary and Bill's.
I wish Anderson had taken the time to analyze the GOP's 2016 presidential candidates' answers to another good question asked recently: Who is the greatest living President? Funny how a few of them said Reagan.

At the end of the show there was another Philadelphia train crash story; this one by Gary Tuchman about a passenger, Duy Nguyen, who was on the phone with his wife at the time of the crash.

With all the time devoted to the Philadelphia train, there was no room to show a clip of Obama's remarks on it. And of course, no time to cover the rest of his speech about MidEast policy.

Thanks for the clip from The Onion and Anderson meeting at the Paley Center. The whole thing must have been awesome. I'm guessing the Conan O'Brien and Anderson meeting will be awesome too, they seemed to have fun talking together the few times Anderson went on Conan's show.