Saturday, May 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper & David Letterman

On Tuesday, May 19th's AC360 Anderson spoke with Jake Taper about his CNN special on David Letterman:

On Wednesday, May 20th's AC360, Anderson devoted a segement to David Letterman:

We dug back in the ATA vault and found videos of Anderson's early appearances on Late Night with David Letterman.  The first is from October 17, 2005:

July 14, 2006:

December 8, 2008:

July 16, 2009:

Over this holiday weekend we will be digging through the vault and adding more of Anderson's appearances with Dave through the years.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

360's first story on Friday was on the Savopoulos family and housekeeper murder/ arson case. There's a suspect named Wint in custody, there are possibly other suspects, new story on the cash dropoff and other details. Anderson had an overview and Pamela Brown had the report.
I checked to see what Hayes was covering and i'm glad I did because he was covering 'The Duggar Scandal'. I watched because at the time I didn't know if Anderson was going to cover this story.
Anderson did cover the Josh Duggar molestation story but he did later.

When I came back to 360, Anderson was talking to Lawrence Koblinsky and Danny Ceveallos about the Savopoulos crime. They focused on Wint, state and national police databases, DNA evidence and other points.

Anderson then introduced the Josh Duggar sex molestation scandal. It was very good coverage but Hayes gets points for having someone like Dan Savage on to emphasize the sheer hypocrisy of the Duggars. Randi Kaye did the report and Anderson asked her a few questions before the commercial break.

The Duggars got a second segment, Areva Martin, Brian Stelter and Dr. Gail Seitz all weighed in on Josh sexually abusing minors,the victims (his own sisters), the parental cover-up, the political ties and the hypocrisy.
I"m glad Anderson reported on the Duggars and gave it serious treatment. This is not a story just for the tabloids.
I watched a few Duggar episodes back when it was "17 Kids and Counting". I grew up in a family of 8 kids and figured I could relate. But the show was so saccharine and slightly off-kilter Disney-esque that I didn't watch more than a couple episodes.

The rest of 360 was anti-climatic for me. A segment on Baltimore Police morale down and murder rate up which included a Q&A with Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

At the shows last minute, Anderson stated the scary children's dentist profiled on Wednesday has given up his license and promised more details on this story next week.

Big big thanks for the Letterman clips. I especially like Anderson's first appearance on the 'Late Show' because right off the bat he and Letterman had a good time talking together and they covered a lot of areas - Anderson's start in news, 'The Mole', Mom and of course the great clip from the Republic of Georgia.
All of Anderson's times on Letterman have been a good mix of amusing stories, serious stuff and just plain fun to watch. He's been on the 'Colbert Report' once but hope he goes to see Colbert on the 'Late Show' more than once.