Thursday, June 04, 2015

Anderson Cooper on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.

On Live With Kelly & Michael today, Kelly talked about going over to Andy Cohen's last night to celebrate Anderson's birthday:

From Twitter:

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Jaanza said...

Again, I was late to the show; this time 3 minutes late. I didn't get the name of the guy Anderson was tlaking to about Chinese hackers getting into U.S. government sites. That story was half of the first segment, the other half being more about the Boston guy (didn't get his name either) shot by cops and long suspected of following ISIS.

The second segment also had two stories. The first was on a possible serial sniper in Colorado reported by Ana Cabrera. The second was a Miguel Marquez report on the Baltimore pharmcy looters and the police search for them.

Now that Rick Perry has officially announced his run for President in 2016, there was a political segment on 360. Dana Bash had a report not just on Perry but also a few of the other GOP candidates. Gloria Borger and Jake Tapper analyzed.

I'm still very much interested in the Duggar debacle and appreciated the two segments Anderson spent on this. There were a few clips from the Duggar parents' interview on FOX yesterday and a great discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jeffrey Toobin and Kevin Faloon in the first part, Bruce Feller in the second. I loved the segment title over Anderson's shoulder "Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal". Some of the topics included "using religion as a shield", "total massive abject denial", denial and minimizing, the Duggars seeing themselves as victims, "I don't believe this family would give other families the benefit of the doubt.", "You can believe what you want but you still have to follow the law" Jessa & Jill's possible Stockholm Syndrome, more about the sheer hypocrisy of Ma and Pa Duggar and the financial stake.

In the last few seconds of the show Anderson recapped the lead story about cyberattacks.

I forgot to add to yesterday's post: I really liked the photo of Anderson with Andy Cohen's dog Wacha. Such a cute moment.

aries moon said...

Looks like AC, Gloria Borger, Jake Tapper and all of CNN will be working hard to prop up the deeply stupid bench of Republican clowns running for president--they all seemed to be licking their chops at the thought of a Republican takeover of the White House. Did anyone mention that Rick Perry is under indictment or that Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie have lousy poll numbers in the states that they've nearly destroyed? Ben Carson is a lunatic and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are both totally unremarkable. Carly Fiorina destroyed HP and laid off countless people, Mike Huckabee defends the indefensible and Lindsay Graham is a joke. Hillary Clinton made some big news in Texas regarding voting rights but it was ignored by 360. Nothing will convince me that the latest crop of conservatives are qualified to run the country. Interesting that Anderson ignored Lindsay Graham and Bernie Sanders when they announced that they were running for president but he covered Rick Perry's announcement--maybe that has something to do with his buddy Marcus Luttrell who has become like a son to Perry.

Good discussion about the Duggar controversy--Anderson has not been mincing words on this topic.