Monday, July 13, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, July 13, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from an undisclosed location on Monday.  The last segment of the program was Anderson's interview with shark attack survivor Hunter Treschl that took place Friday in Colorado.

AC360 posted a couple of behind the scenes photos of Anderson's interview with Hunter Treschl on Friday:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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CWM84 said...

They said tonight's show was live but it didn't seem live and AC seem to be in some makeshift studio with a light blue background, it was weird. Well tonight was El Chapo, El Chapo and El chapo and Trump. AC360 showed old clips of Mexican tunnels. They showed a digital view of the mexican prison that El Chapo escaped. There was a report on how popular El Chapo is in his hometown. It is quite astonishing how a dangerous drug lord and killer is celebrated. Very, very weird... well beyond anyone who should be admired... but anyway... more old clips of AC in tunnels. Next is Trumps stops in LA, Phoenix. A new poll shows he is two points behind Jeb Bush. A panel came on to discuss Trumps poll numbers and the impact he is making so far. Hilary had a speech today and I noticed it was totally ignored by CNN. CNN is also ignoring or perse AC360 os ignoring Bernie Sanders. Everything is about Trump. He isn't the only one running media! He is just the loudest... after Trump, they show the interview of AC and the Hunter. The boy that lost his arm to a shark attack. It was inspirational. This young man was very positive and has tremendous drive and an outlook. If that was to happen to me I would loose my mind! This kid showed great strength. This segment was the best part of tonight's show. Very inspirational. Overall not that good of a show... I doubt if it was live even though they plastered it on the right hand corner of the screen. Oh there was a segment on the little girl found in a trash bag... such a sad story hard to type about actually. This child was discarded like garbage and no one has come forward. Its just a tragic story and I hope someone this little girl gets justice. Its eerie to see an image of the girl on what she possibly looked like. Its a haunting image. Very, very unnerving... till later CWM

Jaanza said...

I knew right off the bat Anderson was not in his usual NYC studio. The lighting and the background looked a bit off kilter. The first news Anderson mentioned was "Baby Doe" even though he didn't get to this story until after three segments of other news..

The first of this other news was the escape of "El Chapo" from a Mexican prison. El Chapo is not his real name (don't remember what that is) but he's a bigtime drug lord and very dangerous. Nick Valencia reported the details, Tom Foreman had more on the tunnel and James Dinkins, who helped in capturing El Chapo the first time, talked to Anderson.
Anderson stated they were waiting for a Mexican news conference and it appeared they were going to broadcast it live. Why? Wasn't it going to be in Spanish?

I most of the second segment. Hayes had an interview with Sen. Al Franken and I had to watch because I rarely see Minnesotans on the national news. Here was one of my senators just chatting about current events with Hayes. Franken isn't even up for re-election next year. Checking back on 360 for a moment, there was the years-old report of Anderson in the border tunnel between the U.S. and Mexico (and labeled LIVE). Later Anderson said the Mexican press conference was delayed. So was Anderson's border tunnel report simply filler? Also in this segment was Gary Tuchman's profile report of El Chapo.

CWM already asked why Trump is getting so much attention and the other candidates (Jeb, Hillary and Bernie Sanders) are ignored. I'd also like that quesion answered. 360 had a big segment on Trump's campaign stop in Phoenix, the discrepancy over the crowd size and the protesters. Gary Tuchman had the report and the panel was Ana Navarro and Jeffrey Lords. They discussed the Latino vote, Trump making trouble for the GOP and immigration. Navarro pointed out that Trump rants about immigration problems but has no solutions. Lords asked just how was Trump going to get $100K per immigrant from Mexico? I didn't like Navarro interrupting Anderson's question about comparisons to Reagan. I also didn't like Lords stating that Trump built an incredible business empire. Wrong! Trump inherited a successful real estate business from his dad. Trump's own business deals have not been as successful (the casinos) and many that have been he's own marginally involved even though they have his name on them (such as 40 Wall Street).

The 'Baby Doe' report was good but there was very little new inforamtion. Anderson talked to a forensics expert named Andreas (didn't get her first name) and Mary Ellen O'Toole about idnetifying this little girl and the status of the investigation.

The last segment was Anderson's interview with Hunter Teschle, shark victim. I watched Hayes' 'Water Wars' report.

Monday's 360 content could have been better. There could have been some mention of WI Gov. Scott Walker officially entering the 2016 Presidential race or Hillary Clinton's economic policy speech today. I didn't think El Chapo deserved two segments.

aries moon said...

Hunter Treschl is a pretty amazing young man, so level-headed, thoughtful and strong-willed--after watching AC interview him, I'm certain he'll overcome all the challenges he may face in the future--I'm usually not big on these sorts of interviews on 360 but I'm glad I watched.

Wow, Jeffrey Lord sounded as crazy as Bill Kristol did last week on 360--I'm no fan of Ronald Reagan and don't hold him in high esteem in any way, shape or form, but it's a huge stretch to say that Trump is the second coming of Ronnie.

So 360 just plans on ignoring all the other declared presidential candidates until Trump implodes?

What was up with the lighting in the studio AC was in--everything was off.

CWM84 said...

Yes it was horrible lighting and studio. Can't believed they ignored Hilary. I think AC360, AC don't agree with her ideas on higher incomes, income inequality. As I said I think Thursday I believe AC believes in capitalism and big money. He has seemed to not interested in income equality movements and taking on big business, wall street, occupy wall street movements, minimum wage fights. Clinton and Sanders are being ignored I think because of their economic ideas. That's my theory anyway.

aries moon said...

AC has never been much interested in what might be considered left-leaning political concerns, in addition to the subjects AC360 has ignored that CWM84 mentioned, I don't remember seeing much coverage on 360 of the GOP and their efforts to make voting difficult for minorities, the elderly, college students and others who typically vote Democratic. There was also scant coverage of Wisconsin's fight against Gov. Scott Walker's union busting agenda. Don Lemon recently came out and said that he was fiscally conservative and mostly liberal on social issues. I suspect AC leans conservative or perhaps independent (which usually means conservative!).