Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  The first half of the program was a lot of speculation on what happened to MH Flight 370.  Enjoy tonight's AC360 daily Trump panel:

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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 had three segments on Malaysia flight 370 and that was too much. Although it is important news, two segments would have been sufficient. The new news today is a suitcase which washed up on Reunion Island and an intelligence report stating the plane was deliberately diverted and brought down.
In the first segment Ivan Perez had the report and then Anderson talked to Richard Quest, Miles O'Brien and David Soucie. I like hearing from Quest and appreciated his time at the map; there aren't enough maps in the news.
The second segment focused on the suitcase. Emma Elbiger reported from Reunion Island; Quest and O'Brien analyzed.
Third was a report from Randi Kaye on the MH370 pilots and then Quest and Gary Kay discussed.

Was the political segment about Donald Trump or was it about the GOP debate next week? The focus was on Trump almost entirely. There was a clip of that Dana Bash interview, Trump stating he'll be himself "I have to be Donald Trump." I agree with Trump on this point. Politicians have usually been so phony and plastic. Maybe his candor and honesty is why Trump is getting so much support. I really liked seeing Donna Brazile back on the panel and how much she was able to express her viewpoint. The other panelists were Jeffrey Lords and Brett O'Donnell. The only time the other GOP candidates were mentioned is when Anderson asked how the other guys in the debate will deal with Trump,.
I'd like to see some coverage of Jeb, Christie, Walker, Jindal - and how they could possibly defend their poor records as Governors. The meat is there and it's juicy, just waiting to be brought to the attention of the media and to voters.

I didn't watch much of the segment on Officer Ray Tensing, the murder charge against him and the death of Samuel Dubose. No doubt an important story but at the same time Hayes was covering the latest in Cecil the Lion's death and the backlash against Walter Palmer. Hayes paid special attention to the outcry on social media, questions of justice and vigilanteism.

The hour ended with a recap on MH370.

Tomorrow I want to see less on MH370 and more on the political records of the non-Trump GOP contenders. For example, a comparison of job growth rates in Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Louisiana under their Governors Jeb, Christie, Walker and Jindal. I'm not sure who among the other GOPers are also Governors; none of them get much media attention.

Anonymous said...

I've asked about Jack Gray before - he hasn't tweeted since last year.

Has anyone heard anything about him?

aries moon said...

Speculation about MH370 is a waste of time and nightly updates are unnecessary. When they determine exactly which plane parts they have discovered on that island--THAT will be news, the rest is filler. I remember reading on one of those media sites that Anderson wasn't happy with the non-stop missing plane coverage that Zucker demanded last year. He must not be feeling too good about it now either.

The best part of 360 for me was Donna Brazile saying that Republicans are mistaken if they think all they need to do to win back the White House is bash President Obama and Hillary Clinton--they had better have a vision and policies that they can present to voters because their bashing strategy failed them in 2012.

Chris Hayes had an interview with a former Navy Seal who was the first openly gay member of that force--he alleges that he was subjected to discrimination and harassment while working as a contractor for the CIA in Afghanistan and he eventually had to leave the group. Seems like a story that AC might be interested in covering but it's tricky because he seems to think military guys can do no wrong and probably wouldn't want to do a segment that puts them in a bad light--even though it involves discrimination and abuse against a member of the LGBT community.

CWM84 said...

Too much time spent on MH370. I think its just filler time for AC360 to focus so much time on that for less work for to do. I'm sick of ac360 ignoring other people running for President. Dana Bash seems like a nice woman but too nice to interview people... Trump had a field day on her and she smiles too much. When you interview about serious issues have a serious face, not smiling.

Unknown said...

I've been wondering the same thing. He has basically disappeared from CNN and the internet. Its really strange.

Anonymous said...

@CWM84: well at least MH370 is giving us a break from Donald Trump.

It would nice for the tv to give the other candidates a spot, even just a news bulletin on anything they may have said.