Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio on Tuesday night.

From Twitter today:

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Jaanza said...

For a few seconds at the start of Tuesday's 360, Anderson talked about the death of Sandra Bland, the Texas woman who died in jail after a questionable arrest. "But," said Anderson, "we start with Donald Trump." Although I don't like it when 360 does this kind of bait and switch, the Trump segment turned out to be really good.
I was a little surprised Anderson repeated Trump's remark calling Lindsey Graham "a jackass". I didn't know you could say "jackass" on CNN. Dana Bash had a terrific report on the crowd at Trump's speech in South Carolina; I'd love it if reporters would talk to ordinary people, Ma and Pa Voter, more often.
Next came the panel. Ana Navarro was "saddened by the spectacle of this" meaning Trump's campaign. Trump should have asked her, instead of Kevin Paul Scott, why Trump is so popular. Scott's respose to that was all about Trump speaking off the top, being honest and that honesty being "refreshing" to a lot of people. Dana Bash made correlations to Michele Bachmann, who was also leading the polls early on but later dropped out. Anderson came back to Navarro, "...don't people get sick of moderated tones?" meaning the packaged and pat answers of the more seasoned politicians. Navarro said people were responding to Trump only because they were angry at the dysfunctional government. Both Navarro and Scott stated Trump needs to outline specific policy. I liked Scott's remark that Trump will challendge the other GOPers to be more honest; I'd like to see that happen but doubt it will.

The dash cam video of Sandra Bland's traffic stop and arrest was difficult to watch, knowing what happens later. Ryan Young gave the details of what happened and the current investigation.

The next segment had more of the dash cam video and a panel with Sunny Hostin, Harry Houck and Phillip Holloway. Everyone's point of view was pretty much what you'd expect. I especially hated Houck for saying Bland may have had psychological problems.

U.S. airstrikes have killed a big-time Al Queda guy. Anderson talked to Barbara Starr for the details. Ths was paired with a Gary Tuchman report on Chattanooga shooter Abduleezaz and Anderson's interview with ? on his motives. I was elsewhere in cable TV for most of this segment.

When I got back to 360, there was Randi Kaye's report on surfer and shark attack survivor Mick Fanning. The show ended with a Bulletin. Funny how the Bulletin never mentioned that former Ohio Gov. John Kasich has oficially entered the 2016 Presidential race.

Nice Twitter photo of Anderson; any idea where it was taken?

aries moon said...

Some folks (including Anderson apparently) are loving Trump's bluster, babble and say anything style. As long as he's causing major headaches for the GOP, he can keep on talking.

President Obama gave a terrific speech to veterans Tuesday but he mentioned the importance of building a coalition instead of chest-beating and rushing into war--doing the hard work of talking to adversaries and engaging in diplomacy and how that can solve a problem peacefully. The president said that it has always been his strong belief that sending "our sons and daughters" into war and putting their lives on the line should be a last resort after exhausting EVERY alternative--he said we owe them that and that's what real leadership means. Anderson and Trumps backers seem to be weary of this type of thoughtful approach and style of leadership but I'll take this any day over someone who rushes in without thinking of the real long-term consequences of their decisions. As is typical, AC360 ignored the President's speech.

Interesting how Dana Bash was talking about how at some point Trump will need to talk about specific policies he has in mind for the country because when Dana covered a press conference given by President Obama last week where he had detailed information on the Iran deal, she tweeted a complaint about how long his answers were. Most of the time these reporters can't be bothered with anything more complex than soundbites and talking points.

All of the facts need to come out in the Sandra Bland case but given the numerous deaths of African-American citizens at the hands of the police in recent years and the troubling background and history of the cop in question, it wouldn't surprise me if it's found that she was murdered.

aries moon said...

@Jaanza, I saw a couple of tweets on Tuesday saying that AC was in Washington Square Park taking a selfie with a fan--that might be where the photo was taken.

Anonymous said...

AC360 and Anderson seem to be a hot mess. I'm not sure what was going on with Anderson on Monday night, but his discussion with Jeffrey Lords and the woman on the telephone was pathetic. The best part of that was Charles Blow. Anderson seems way too interested in Trump and when Lords defended Rush Limbaugh Anderson backed right down. Rush is a man that has bashed Anderson on more than one occasion. The woman on the phone in the discussion admitted she hadn't watched any Trump coverage that day so I'm not sure how she made it on air as a guest. Seems like the AC360 bookers, Anderson and guests don't bother to do their "homework" any more. That makes me sad. Trump is a lot of hot air & the fact that he's generating so much interest is just plain scary. It tells me that like Trump, the people supporting him need a civics lesson. Our country is a democracy, not an autocracy. Trump's style will not advance our country but cause further divide within the country and our standing in the international community. Apparently Trump doesn't understand that at some point he's going to have to start answering questions about his bankruptcies and giving specifics about how he's going to work with Congress and foreign leaders. He's nothing more than a loud mouth bully, but unfortunately the media and a lot of older, white conservatives are buying what he's attempting to sell.

John Kerry earned three purple hearts during the Vietnam War, but I don't recall if any Republican's came to his defense when they swift boated him during his run for the presidency. In fact Jeb Bush supported those attacks and RNC party delegates mocked his service at their convention that year. I wish there would be more push back from Anderson when the problems at the VA issue comes up. Congress and W's invasion of Iraq causing a massive influx of veteran's requiring extensive medical help created the problems to begin with, but you won't hear anything about that come out of Anderson's mouth nor will there be an AC360 correspondent report.

I have a feeling there's a lot to come out on the Sandra Bland case. A lot of people seem to notice some obvious edits in the dash cam video released last night. The police are stating it was a problem when the video was uploaded, but my experience with problems with uploads is that both audio and video portions are affected, not just the video portion, so I think someone has some explaining to do. Harry Houck is a hack and it makes me wonder why Anderson got him a job at CNN. It was obvious Houck just came on and spouted his standard line of "respect police and if the police are wrong get justice later." He and those like him currently on police forces are a big part of the problem. While the cop had a right to stop her for not signaling a lane change, how many people do that on a daily basis and are never stopped? And if he was going to let her go, the cop should have just walked up to her window, asked if she knew what she did wrong and told her not to do it again. The sad part of all of this that was until the family started asking questions and wanting answers the case was basically closed. Funny how the officer is now on desk duty under investigation. Sandra is from a Chicago suburb and her family has had a very measured response, just asking for answers. The story has been in the Chicago news for days and they are now planning her funeral. The postings about PTSD and a little depression were from a few months ago. I would have liked for someone to question what happens to someone suffering from PTSD when locked up in a jail cell. Perhaps if the officer had done his job properly, issued her a verbal or written warning and sent her on her way she wouldn't be dead today, even if it ends up being ruled a suicide. Just saying that there are consequences to people's actions, but unfortunately some police officers aren't held accountable.

Part 1/2 Jenn

Anonymous said...

Part 2/2

Mostly the story selection on AC360 is horrible. Where is the coverage on the Iran deal? The specifics, not the sound bites from Republicans who haven't read the text of the deal. What are they offering as an alternative? Why do they think President Obama controls when the UN takes a vote? Where's the coverage on the UN passage of the Iran deal? The coverage of the embassy openings in Cuba and Washington on Monday? What about all the other candidates on the campaign trail? Do they even exist other than when they say something about Trump? What are stances on the issues? Anderson may say he's happy and likes working at CNN, but his attitude and engagement on AC360 say otherwise. I miss the intelligent AC360 where issues were actually discussed and people like Peter Bergen, Ivan Watson, Nick Ware were frequent guests. I feel like AC360 has pretty much turned into a tabloid type news magazine show these days and that makes me sad. Maybe Anderson has lost interest or become bored or maybe it's the Zuckerization of CNN or a combination of all the above.

Anderson can be a really good journalist if he engages. Here's hoping CNN uses him in a different way or he finds another news outlet when his contract is up. It's sad to watch what AC360 has become.


CWM84 said...

AC is the medias fascination with Trump will continue tonight. Trump did very well with a double digit lead on a recent poll on the gop. AC seem to be salivating at those numbers. AC did an interview with Trump today so expect a lot of time on that interview. Also Clinton had bad poll numbers today where she is behind in certain swing states against gop rivals, shocking polls. I'm not a big Clinton fam but she is better than any gop running right now. Expect AC360 who has largely ignored democrats this election cycle this time to really point out her bad polls. Ac mentioned that today with a preview of the big interview with Trump tonight. AC360 ignores Clintons polls when she does well, but AC points out her bad polling today. Its clear what AC360 agenda is trying to focus on and promote. Trump. Gop. I think AC is log cabin gop. I and many others who are privy to glbt politics have assumed that for years. He cares aboit glbt issues and rights. Of course. But he is a be believer in capitalism and wealth and the endless pursuit of more wealth. The show has shown very little interest in poor, struggling individuals who want income equality. I've said that before. People like Trump or AC who were born to mass wealth how can they understand income struggles. Its like me understanding what jail is like or taking drugs. I have no clue to things I haven't experienced. AC's approach to poor has always been, "get a job!" Well it isn't that simple for some people. I think more people would work and change their plight of they really could. I want to reply to Aries Moon. African Americans aren't the only ones that have died in police custody over the past year. The difference is the media is ignoring those stories because it doesn't fit their agenda. CNN is a big, big race network and they only share stories were blacks are assumed to be allege victims. I didn't say that to discredit these incidents but to give a bigger perspective on what is going on. Caucasians are dying in police custody to but the media has chose to largely ignore those incidents to feed into the racial tensions of black and whites in this country. Also noticed how they ignore mostly the high homicides by citizens on black neighborhoods like Baltimore, Chicago. Its because the media knows what generates more ratings and likes to their various outlets. I just had to comment on that. Will tune in later.

CWM84 said...

I don't know about you all but I miss AC going out on the field. Traveling the globe for stories. I miss keeping them honest, I miss him challenging people he interviews. They had him to that push back doing interviews especially in 2010, 2011, 2012. AC just seems to be going through the motions, just doing a job. He doesn't seem passionate in what he's doing right now. AC360 has been slacking for years. Get AC to travel again, get AC to confront wild accusations, flip flopping views, bigoted views. The show just has no edge, no real appeal to really watch right now and it is very disappointing. Because we remember 2007-2011 and how good, packed he show was. Ac360 has got lazy. And AC I believe is just content with what he's doing or at least just fulfilling his contract. AC used to be an interesting T.V. journalist. He's being underused to what he's capable of.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching AC a few days after he started catering to Trump and will not be back unless something changes. I do agree that he seems infatuated(my words) with The Donald, but little else. Wonder if he will go down to NOLA for the 10nt Anniversary or if he just staped a special to run for it.

Too bad the passion is gone he used to be so good and so genuine, now he seems to just be there in body and not spirit.

aries moon said...

Great post Jenn. It really does seem that AC and his staff have gotten lazy and don't want to do the work it takes to put together a substantial program--it has been mostly crime/tabloid reports lately. I might be paranoid, but I think Anderson deliberately avoids reporting on any big news that involves President Obama--why else would there not be any discussion of the history making agreements in Iran and Cuba? All of the other CNN programs cover these issues, fairly or unfairly depending on your perspective, but AC360 ignores the majority of the news coming from the White House--this is simply bizarre and bad journalism for a major news program. 360 used to be a much better, more substantial news program, but could it be they just gave up because the worthwhile shows they'd put together would do poorly in the ratings and now they simply don't bother even trying. I don't know, but it's pretty disappointing. I hear plenty about the so-called "black-on-black" crime problem in Chicago and Baltimore but you don't hear much about the black activists who organize and take on the crime in their neighborhoods.

Regarding CWM84's comments about my post, it may be true that Caucasians have died under police custody, it's no accident that so many people of all ethnicities have come together to protest the unequal treatment of African Americans by law enforcement and the justice system--let alone the startling number of unarmed African Americans targeted by cops and murdered. Many people took to social media to express their outrage about Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown/Renisha McBride/Freddie Gray/Sandra Bland, etc and that was the catalyst for news organizations like CNN and others to cover these stories that might otherwise go unnoticed. There has been a pattern of police brutality and corruption against African Americans that dwarfs other groups--and that is something that is universally recognized and acknowledged. Most crimes are intraracial--whites kill whites, blacks kill blacks. Caucasians aren't usually collectively blamed for the crimes that other Caucasians commit (mass shooters have tended to be young white men but they aren't as demonized as black men who commit crimes). If you think CNN is a big 'race' channel, what does that make Fox News? They specialize in denigrating African Americans/Latinos of all stripes. There are black activists working in high-crime areas to try to find solutions and blacks are well aware of and distressed by the problems in the inner cities but these problems don't exist because blacks are inherently more criminal than other groups. A lot of the time the 'black on black' crime argument is brought out not because of genuine concern for African Americans in those communities, but to be used as a way to deflect and minimize the real problems blacks are faced with in the criminal justice system.

CWM84 said...

I hear what your saying but I think other incidents are being ignored because the media is infatuated with the whole "black victim, white oppressor" narrative and it stirs people up. I know many examples of blacks attacking whites or other groups just locally that are being ignored. And also there is a lot of assumption by people and media making some of these race related when there isn't concrete evidence of such. What I'm saying is the media is very influential and people should wait to all facts come out before jumping always to the easy conclusion. Mo doubt blacks are targeted but so are some Caucasians, asians, natives etc and many stories out here aren't being told because of the black vs white perpetual feud. I know here in my state of maryland black cop shot unarmed man and no national news
The black cop got off. In Utah a black cop shot and killed and unarmed man and there was no national news on cnn. I think it is hypocrisy and everyone, every case deserves same coverage regardless if roles are reverse. That is my only issue with these that other stories, biracial violence are being ignore in order to keep pushing the "black victim, white oppressor" storyline. Here in dundalk a white male was attacked by 20 some black people shouting slurs and no national news. Thankfully he survived. I just think equal coverage and treatment of stories should be recognized.