Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio on Wednesday night.  Not sure if there was a problem with the "Live" bug or if Anderson was only in studio for the first segment of AC360 and the rest of the program was recorded earlier in the day.

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Jaanza said...

Regarding the LIVE bug: I noticed it was off for a report later in the show, thought they fixed it or got someone smarter working the LIVE switch. But then it was off when Anderson was talking so then I thught the whole show was taped. Would Anderson do half a show live and half taped? None of the news was BREAKING. I just don't know what the deal was.

The lead story: Donald Trump has money. Apparently that's news. Trump has releaed s report stating he's worth $10 billion. I'd like to see an independent accounting firm verify that number. Dana Bash had the report. Jeffrey Lords, Paul Begala and Rich Gavin were the panel. The topics included identifying with the common man, raising campaign money and Trump's favorable rating (roughly 30% Favorable, 60% unfavorable).
I channelsurfed a bit and am not sure if the segment about President Obama's "hard sell" of the Iran nuclear agreement was included in the first segment or was its own segment. Anderson talked to Jim Acosta and Thomas Friedman but I didn't pay attentioin to the details.

Obama made a comment on the allegations against Bill Cosby and that begat a phone interview with Beverly Johnson and a panel discussion with Areva Martin and Mark Geragos. There wasn't a whole lot of meat to this piece, Obama's comment was a bi bland. However, it was a positive step for the 20+ women who have brought their stories forward and it was a good discussion with Martin and Gerogos.

In the next segment there was a report from Dan Simon on the teenage girl who survived alone in the woods after a plane crash and a Nick Valencia report on El Chapo's escape tunnel.

I liked the last segment about the new photos from Pluto. Anderson had a great talk with Bill Nye and Miles O'Brien. They are two terrific guys but next time anythinng spacey happens, Anderson has got to talk to Neil DeGrasse Tyson.