Friday, July 10, 2015

Anderson Cooper Anchors AC360 From Denver, CO on Friday, July 10, 2015

Anderson Cooper was in Colorado today for an interview with a shark attack survivor that will air on Monday's AC360 and stayed on to anchor AC360 from Denver tonight.   Along with crime and punishment stories and Trump's latest, Anderson did interview Jenny Horne about the removal of the Confederate flag in South Carolina today:

AC360 ended with Anderson teasing his interview that will air Monday night:

While in Denver Anderson visited the Black Book Gallery and posted the following photos to his Instagram page today:




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Jaanza said...

Friday's 360 opened with Trump; he's in Los Angeles and there are protesters outside his hotel. Trump will have a press conference later with families of victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. Kyung Lah started a report but I changed the channel. Other 2016 candidates have had protesters at campaign events but I don't remember that being big news. Hayes was covering the removal of the confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds. When I checked back on 360, Anderson was talking to Randi Kaye about the unknown little girl found dead in Boston Harbor. At the start of the panel with Harry Houck, Ed Smart and Mary Ellen O'Toole I switched back to Hayes. Hayes was still covering the news from South Carolina and I stayed here because I didn't know if Anderson was going to cover this.

The second segment was a Jean Cesarez report on forensic/digital imaging to help solve missing children cases and a Q&A with Michael Murphy from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Hayes meanwhile had his own Trump segment, this one focusing on Trump as a one-issue (immigrants commit crimes) candidate.

I didn't see the start of the Trump press conference. Was this broadcast live? Although the LIVE icon was in the corner, we all know that means nothing. I liked seeing the outside protest shown on split-screen. A minute after Trump stopped speaking and turned the mic over to a man who's son was killed by an undocumented immigrant's car, that's when 360 stopped airing the press conference. The father's account of his son's death and the affect it has had was far more interesting than Trump's rant. A panel with Jeffrey Lord, John Carlos Frey and Michael Smerconish began. They analyzed Trump's position and I especially liked Smerconish's remark on the possiblity of Trump getting the nomination but in no way winning the election. Smerconish explained that Trump's just not going to get enough of the minority vote and independent vote.
On Monday HIllary Clinton will deliver a major speech outlying her economic policy. Will 360 cover it as extensively as Trump's immigration comments?

Late in the show was the segment on South Carolina and the confederate flag. The short segment was mostly an interview with State Rep. Jenny Horne about her impassioned speech yesterday in the SC legislature. Despite the LIVE icon on, I don't think this was really live.

Jason Carroll reported on Dr. Farid Fata being sentenced to 45 years in prison for diagnosing healthy people with cancer and then making big bucks from their unnecessary chemotherapy and other treatments. Unlike the Schwarzenegger/Santos report yesterday, the Fata news really did happen today.

Last was a promo for Anderson's interview with Hunter Treschl, shark attack victim, to be aired Monday. I'd bet the farm that the interview will be broadcast with the LIVE icon on.

The issue with the LIVE icon being on for obviously taped pieces bothers me because, as I've stated above, it becomes meaningless. Viewers can never believe what they're watching is truly live or not. It's sad that an established and professional news organization can't fix this.

CWM84 said...

Fridays show wasn't that bad. Trump took up a lot of time be at least did covered other stories. I was furious at the Dr treating healthy people with chemotherapy. What a disgusting human being. I want to say something harsher but not sure what the language policy is... but there is a place in hell waiting for that sick Doctor if there is one. Trump had some more publicity in Las Vegas and Colorado. I'm sure AC360 will cover that Monday. Trump is certainly getting more attention than what he needs already. I'm hoping a charge comes for Bill Cosby as I feel somehow he should not get away with all of those sickening crimes. Would love AC360 to break news on that... I feel a vacation is coming soon for AC... wouldn't surprise me if he will be off air soon to take a break.