Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump & AC360 on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an extended 2 hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio on Wednesday night.  The first half of each hour was spent playing parts of and discussing Anderson's interview with Donald Trump from earlier today.  One discussion segment caught our attention.  Timothy L O'Brien, author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald offered some new, frank and interesting information on "The Donald":

At one point Trump complained to Anderson about his interview questions and told him people didn't trust him:

AC360 posted some behind the scenes photos of the interview on Twitter:


Anderson spent the rest of the day appearing on all CNN programs to promote his interview:

CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin at 2pm ET:

CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin at 3pm ET:

The Lead with Jake Tapper:

The Situation Room:

Out Front:

CNN Tonight:

Anderson posted the following photo to his Instagram account tonight:


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Jaanza said...

Survey time! Who here needed another lengthy Trump interview?

One Trump segment is all that's needed, maybe two if there's something big he's done or said or a related big something. But on Wednesday he got three segments and the start of a fourth. And all of the interview clips were labelled LIVE. Apparently, Trump got all that time because there was a new poll with numbers for Favorable/Unfavorable ratings for several politicians and Trump's numbers were not that good. However, its' possible he got all that time simply because he granted Anderson another interview.

I watched most of the Trump segments but also checked on Hayes. On 360 I saw Anderson ask Trump about the poll numbers. Trump talked about Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham asking for campaign contribution and support years ago; Anderson should have (but didn't) asked Trump if he gave them any money. When Trump ranted about foreign policy and "...we don't get along with anybody..." Anderson didn't ask Trump how he would change that.

The second segment had more of the Trump interview starting with a lot of questions about religion and faith. I don't care. I don't care if a politician is Catholic or Protestant or New Moon or atheist. It doesn't matter to me but yes it does matter to a alot of the Republican core base. The best part of this segment was when Trump said "... 60 to 70 percent of the political media is dishonest..." The worst part was when Anderson didn't ask for specifics on this point. FOX? Limbaugh? Glenn Beck? Who exactly? This is in hte second ATA video ATA has posted today.
Another worst part was the panel: Ana Navarro, Jeffrey Lord and Paul Begala. Again, Navarro and Lord got two questions and Begala got one. At one point Navarro complained about Trump dissing other GOP candidates, 'Reagan never spoke ill of other Republicans'. But where was she in 2000 when Dubya slammed McCain?

A different panel was in the third segment, Lord and Timothy O'Brien. The focus was Trump's wealth and ATA has included the segmetn in today's post. Both panelists brought up Trump's dad Fred, Lord said Trump is wealthier than his dad was, O'Brien said Trump self-promotes more than his dad did. Hayes covered this topic so much better. He had details on how much Trump inherited from his dad and how much his dad helped Trump jumpstart his real estate career. For example, Trump wanted to redevelop the old Commodore Hotel. His dad finangled a $400 million redevelopment deal through his pal NYC Mayor Abe Beame.

Trump also "introduced" the segment on Sandra Bland and her death in a Texas jail. Another clip from the interview, Anderson asked Trump about Bland's death. Trump said he watched the video several times and it was a terrible tragedy. With that out of the way, Ryan Young's report started. It was a good report, stating Bland's past suicide attempt and how this was documented.

The next segment had the panel - Harry Houck, Sunny Hostin and Lawrence Kolinsky. Although none of them are psychologists, they made pyschological comments on Bland's mental health. Other topics were the lack of a suicide watch, the question of her "assaulting the cop, the issue of putting out the cigarette and the issue of whether she had to get out of the car or not. Houck and Hostin got very heated in their debate on whether Bland had to leave the car.

I didn't watch the second hour.

Trump has received a lot of media attention because he's definitely interesting and different. That's going to wear off and it's going to become '.oh no, Trump is blathering on again about something...' The people being polled aaven't reached this point yet. However, I think they will before the primaries start. And that's when Anderson and 360 will focus elsewhere.

CWM84 said...

Trump, Trump, Trump some more on AC360. They have gone overboard with the Trump coverage. I don't know if AC360 think this will give them big ratings but this is overkill. AC is really intrigued, Fascinated by Trump. He enjoys his style of no notes, his one liners, his wealth. I found it quite funny when AC said to a commentator, "I've never heard someone talk so much about his wealth, has he always been that way?" I wonder if AC will now mention more about his vast wealth? Probably not but it works for Trump. Besides the Trump coverage the only other thing they had a story on was Bland's arrested and subsequently death in the jail in Texas. Not to be cynical in all but I thought there was more to the story about her history, for some reason I was not surprised that she tried to commit suicide before. To me it doesn't add up why the officers or who ever would go into her cell and hang her. She was in jail, they were serving her food. Someone was making check ups to see how she was doing. It doesn't make since as to why would they would hang a woman in her jail cell? Makes absolutely no sense to me. I think tho with her history they should have maybe sent her to see some mental health professional, medical ward... I also question the officer saying she was under arrest after she told him she didn't need to put the cigarette out in her own car. Btw the animosity between Hostin and Houck is palpable! They raise their voices and were literally pointing fingers at each other. It became uncomfortable to see them both shouting at each other, maybe good t.v. but I felt uncomfortable watching it. I hope this issue gets resolve and all of the facts come out. The jail may have a liability suit coming for them though, even if it comes out she hung herself. I don't obviously know what happened but my guess is going by everything we learned so far and from the security cameras is that she tragically committed suicide. If this woman was killed by jail staff why hang her with a trash bag? Or why period? Anyway once again way, way too much trump. They completely ignored the charges by federal government on the monster who killed 9 people in a historical African American church in S.C. no story on that to examine the hare crime charges. Trump is interesting, entertaining as I said from the beginning but way too much content.

aries moon said...

Trump's game is to interrupt, deflect, attack, accuse and brag in order to avoid answering specific questions or give detailed answers about policy or what exactly he'd do specifically to "make the country great again". Seems to me President Obama has already achieved that with lower unemployment, Affordable Care Act providing health insurance for millions, taking out Osama bin Laden and other top level terrorists, improving the economy with the stimulus package and preventing a depression, strengthening LGBT rights, signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, ending the Iraq war, opening up a dialogue with Cuba and Iran and the list goes on and on and yet Anderson allowed Trump to say that the president has been incompetent and bad for the country without a challenge. Now I'm perfectly aware that Anderson/360 has a problem with President Obama and doesn't want to acknowledge him or give him credit for much of anything, but a good, fair-minded reporter would surely push back against SOME of Trumps lies about POTUS. Anderson did not. AC even seemed to agree with Trumps nonsense about President Obama being 'divisive'. 'Divisive' may as well be the name of the entire Republican party. Anderson did try to hit Trump with a few pointed questions and facts, but Trump knows how to avoid getting pinned down by reporters--how long that will last remains to be seen. It's disappointing to see Anderson so overly enamored with Trump's big mouth--so what if he doesn't play by the rules and doesn't have handlers operating the show for him--that means nothing when he's running on hot air and hype and has yet to offer up anything more than platitudes and insults. Will the press ever step up and demand real answers from Trump? Anderson's interview with him was ok, but AC's too caught up in Trump's tough-talking, rich guy persona to really go after him--AC backed down several times and let Trump talk all over him during the interview when he should've pushed harder.

Anderson and his staff went all out on the research in order to defend AC's buddy John McCain against attacks by Trump--AC had lots of info about how McCain has supposedly been working on bills that assist veterans but there are plenty of vets out there who do not support McCain and feel that he's deserted them. Of course Anderson would never mention the many bills to help vets that McCain and the GOP voted AGAINST. Instead of only talking to McCains friends/supporters, how about talking to veterans who have legitimate gripes about McCain. Anderson's inability or unwillingness to view McCain as anything other than a faultless saint is irritating. He defends McCain at the drop of a hat, but allows lies about President Obama to be spread freely by his guests. Biased much?

Harry Houck seems to be the personification of a racist, abusive and bullying cop and it's no wonder he's so sympathetic to those types. I was happy to see Sonny Hostin hitting Houck back when he started hollering at her with his usual mess.

CWM84 said...

AC is a big McCain supporter because he like myself respect his military service. McCain also is pro wealthy, tax cuts for people like himself and AC. AC seems to give McCain a break for being so antigay. Voted for banning same sex marriage, voted against hate crimes against glbt. I have read his anti gay record. But AC gives him a pass. I'm not a big Hostin fan she seems to think the allege victim is always in the right, especially if the allege victim is African American. Houck always seems to take the cop side. They both can't stand one another. It is evident. I think they had prior dealings with each other in NYC doing their perspective careers. Lot of tension there. I started chuckling when they were shouting and pointing fingers literally at each other.

Anonymous said...

I'm over Trump. I did find it a little creepy that Anderson went with Trump to meet Trump's fans after the interview. Unless Anderson was going to interview the people, couldn't that be viewed as campaigning for Trump?

I'm guessing the Trump interview was a ratings ploy? Wonder if Anderson will give equal time to all the other candidates both Republican and Democrat. He would have time since he/AC360 fail to cover any other political news coming our of Washington that have major implications for our country going forward. Apparently the AC360 bookers and producers have their heads in the sand when it comes to news of major importance.

@aries moon Houck is the personification of a racist. I remember looking up his Twitter feed when AC first got him the job and it was pretty shocking. I haven't bothered to look since, but I wouldn't be surprised is he cleaned it up a bit now he's on CNN more.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Trump handles debate issues. He'll have to hire someone to
guide him with plausible responses to specific questions just the way Sarah Palin had to "study,"
for her debates as VP with Biden or was it 'O'Biden??'
And press conferences will be a hoot....if the press is even allowed to speak..."Next question."

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Trump handles debate issues. He'll have to hire someone to
guide him with plausible responses to specific questions just the way Sarah Palin had to "study,"
for her debates as VP with Biden or was it 'O'Biden??'
And press conferences will be a hoot....if the press is even allowed to speak..."Next question."

Anonymous said...