Monday, August 17, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, August 17, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an extended two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.   The first few segments were political coverage starting with you guessed it, "The Donald":

We do love us some Paul Begala at ATA:

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Jaanza said...

Too much Trump in Monday's 360. Although he did outline some of his policies, there was extras that weren't needed. Let me go in chronological order.
Anderson started with news of a new poll on the GOP candidates; Trump still leads, Carson now #2. Most of the segment was on Trump's policy plans especially concerning immigration. Gary Tuchman did a report from the border fence in Arizona and Jeb got a short clip with just his soundbite response to Trump's immigration ideas. The panel was Alex Castellanos, Katrina Pierson and Patti Solis Doyle. They discussed the likelihood of Trump's plan being implemented, the cost, the 14th Amendment (birthright citizenship), amnesty, the logistics of deporting 11 million immigrants and what happens to their American-born minor children. Pierson was very hot-headed in her defense of Trump and never answered Anderson's questions about deporting an immigrant with an American child.

I didn't see the start of the next segment about Hillary Clinton's email investigation. However, I liked the panel; it was Jeffrey Toobin, Kevin Madden and Paul Begala. They talked about the investigation, the impact on Clinton's campaign, past federal investigations and how much the GOP is driving this.

Randi Kaye's report on Trump campaigning in Iowa was not necessary. Nevertheless, I liked the parts where she talked to regular folks. Far more unnecessary was Anderson's interview with Dana Goertz. Goertz is a former "Apprentice" finalist and I remember her. At least now she's mellowed out and isn't as horrible and obnoxious as she was on the "Apprentice". But this interview was a waste of time.

There were two stories squeezed into the next segment. First was the bomb explosion in Bangkok with Andrew Stevens reporting. Next was Rene Marsh with details of the plane crash with 54 people on board in Indonesia.

The last segment of the first hour had a report from Paul Vercammon on the wildfires in the western U.S. and a Bulletin by Amara Walker.

Anderson had a teaser about a report coming up in the second hour on Obama having to choose between supporting Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to make me want to watch another hour of news that for sure still would have had too much Trump.

aries moon said...

Listening to Paul Begala is always a breath of fresh air--especially when 360 brings in hack pundits like the illogical red-meat throwing Katrina Pierson--Anderson pinned her down for an actual answer on how Donald Trump's ridiculous and cruel immigration plan is supposed to work in the real world and she reverted back to her GOP/Tea Party talking points. She's become a regular on 360 and I already dislike her intensely.

Former Attorney General Roberto Gonzales should be permanently crossed off AC360's guest list if they want to be considered a news program with any credibility at all. Nothing he says is worth listening to.

Disappointed that the death of legendary civil rights hero Julian Bond didn't even make the bulletin on 360 (unless I missed it). Bond has been a guest on 360 a few times discussing LGBT rights--you'd think Anderson would've at least made mention of his death--it was covered by other news programs extensively--I guess covering it would've taken too much time away from Trump.

CWM84 said...

Trump, trump, trump... polls... and his over the top, extreme deportation plan. AC seemed to finally question Trump a little on his plan. I think it hit a cord with Ac because his partner is an immigrant from France. Btw is Benjamin a U.S citizen now? How did Ben come here, was it legally? Probably so but AX I think was mindful of his own personal life. Next was Hilary and AC was ready to pounce on her over this email scandal. One point doing panel, AC and two gop commentators were all over Paul defending Clinton. This is clearly the only way AC360 will cover Clinton. Obama was ignored, Sanders was ignore and other gop candidates were ignored yesterday. Then they had a segment with Trump in Iowa and AC seemed to want more positive coverage of Trump so he interviewed a very enthusiastic support! She was very hyper! New poll came out today, so expect more gloating from AC tonight. Getting sick of this coverage. I know its easy work but AC go out in the field or something... miss the globe trotting AC or hard charging fact checking AC on KTH.

Unknown said...

I heard a rumor that AC has stopped traveling so much because of his partner. But I don't know if that has any truth to it or not. But I agree with you, I preferred him when he was in war zones. The last international trip he made for CNN was to Paris, France when the terrorist attack happened.