Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from what appeared to be an undisclosed location on Tuesday night.  And yes, he wore the same tie as last night.  With the first Republican debate happening Thursday night, much of the program was devoted to politics.  Anderson did mention that he would be live after the debate on Thursday night.

Dr. Drew's program tweeted the following last Friday:

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CWM84 said...
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CWM84 said...

Much of tonight's show was on the GOP polls and the debate on Thursday night. Just going to sum up a few things that stood out to me. Much was about women views on bush and trump, but have unfavorable views but Trump is seen as more unfavorable. Then there was a panel of women who discussed Trump and Bush and the debate happening thursday... and Bush comments about funding for women's health issues, that he "miss spoke" on. Bush's supporter defended him of course and tooted his recorded on women's health but acknowledged he is pro life and his record reflects that. Then AC brought two men on to discuss Christian values and how Trump fairs with right wing Christians. One of the men called planned parenthood, "barbaric and violent" and AC did not push back or challenge that wild comment at all. Shame on AC and 360! Shame on them. They are so pro gop that they don't even challenge accusations anymore. Its all systems go for GOP but let Clinton make a comment like that. AC also allowed the guest to attack Hilary with no surrogate for her or push back from AC. Its clear AC360 have again sided with republicans this election cycle. With DADT, DOMA repealed and marriage equality law AC is given been business GOP free passes. Absolutely bias from 360 and CNN. No attention to democratic campaigns... one 5 sec view of a recent poll from the candidates with Biden who is not officially in the race. AC allow only republicans to come the show to endorse their candidates and attack Hilary and attack planned parenthood and prove how conservative Trump is. This was a pure GOP grandstanding show... 360 has been ignoring democrats and President Obama for months. Only time Clinton or Obama is mentioned is to attack or for bad press. Shame of 360. I think they want to appear to be a gop network to appeal to fox news viewers. No push backs at all. And not challenging that PP is barbaric and violent shows just how fallen and lazy AC has got. He and 360 clearly have a disdain for Dems and their message. That's all I have for tonight. A one sided gop extravaganza with no push back or surrogates to defend dems. Bias show this is.

Jaanza said...

The good news on Tuesday was news about the Democratic side of the 2016 Presidential race. Anderson and Jeff Zeleny talked about a New Hampshire poll which puts Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the on-screen title states, "nearly tied". Actually, Cinton was 6 points ahead of Sanders. A little more than two minutes on that news then on to the GOP debate.
FOX has decided on its top ten contenders and the results are no real surprise.
More time was given to Jeb Bush's comment today about Planned Parenthood, "...I'm not sure we need a half billion dollars for women's health issues." That's not playing well to women so Jeb backtracked. Anderson mentioned the pro-life videos stating PP sells baby parts (which they don't). Anderson said nothiing about the videos being suspiciously edited and disingenuous.
Then it was John King with graphs showing the strength of women voters, their predictable viewpoints on PP according to political affiliation and who they found favorable or unfavorable.
I was glad to see the political panel was all women...even though I would have replaced Ana Navarro with soemone else. Navarro is pro-Jeb and blithely explained away Jeb's comment, summing up it was no big deal partly because of his good work on other womens issues. I liked hearing Katrina Pierson with some solid facts on Jeb's work as FL Governor. Navarro quickly explained/escused those away too. Marlinda Garcia complained about both Democrats and Republicans using women issues as "dividing issues". Highlighting any politicians poor record on women is not a dividing issue.
John King came back witih a long answer about Jeb, Hillary and Trump. In the middle of it he said, "...Jeb Bush keeps stumbling..." Gee, does that remind you of another Bush?

At the start of the second segment, "Debate Dos and Don'ts", I didn't stay to watch Randi Kaye's report on memorable moments in presidential debates. When I got back to 360 Jeffrey Lords, Ana Navarro and Brett O'Donnell were talking about how Trump will do in the debate. Navarro's last comment was about a drinking game "tomorrow night" linked to Trump's most commonly spoken phrases. The debate is Thursday, not tomorrow.

Anderson talked to Russell Moore and David Brody about the evangelical vote. I already have a pretty good idea how the evangelicals will vote so I changed the channel.

When I got back there was a long clip from 'The Hunt with John Walsh' because the program helped find a missing toddler girl. I didn't watch Anderson's interview with Walsh.

Next up was a short report by Jean Cesarez on a third-grade boy with ADHD handcuffed at his Kentucky school.

The last minute of 360 was a recap of the Clinton/Sanders poll from the start of the show.

I thought there would be some coverage of President Obama's clean energy & climate change speech today, if for no other reason than to attack it. Nope.

Unless there's big news somewhere else, I expect Wednesday's 360 to be mostly about the debate. And on Thursday practically the entire hour even though the debate doesn't start until 9 pm EST.

aries moon said...

Jeb Bush meant it when he said that he thought too much money was being spent on women's health--it's a typical Republican sentiment--they don't care about women or their health and are mostly about controlling women and limiting or eliminating their choices. Jeb's turning out to be a mess of a candidate, he's always having to walk back his statements--that's not what the conservative base wants now--they want loud, ignorant, racist and proud of it and that's where Trump comes in. There were only Republicans on the political panels on Tuesday's show--they usually have one Dem in for an alternative perspective. I can't see 360 ever featuring an all Democratic political panel--I'm sure they'd toss in a conservative for 'balance'.

Skipped the other reports--don't care for AC360 doing promos for John Walsh's show--even if he's covering some current news event.

I wouldn't have even noticed that AC was wearing the same tie as he was on Monday--he must've been stressed out, lol.

CWM84 said...

It was a gop night last night, tonight and definitely thursday. The disdain for democrats is so real 360 didn't even mention it was President Obama's birthday! It was all GOP panels to attack dems, PP without any push back from AC. 360, CNN definitely trying to win over republican viewers. No Keeping them honest segments for flip flopping. 360 wants a gop President next year.

aries moon said...

Yes, I'd forgotten that one of the Republican reps used that 'barbaric and violent' comment about Planned Parenthood - THIS is why you need Democrats on all of these political panels to push back on right wing nonsense because AC's sure not going to do it. I've also seen people on Twitter questioning why 360 hasn't covered Bernie Sanders as much as they've covered the Trump phenomenon since Sanders is doing as well or better than Trump on the Democratic side of things.

Unknown said...

Is there anyway the panel of Anderson on Dr. Drew will be uploaded? I would watch it today but am unable to and I enjoy Dr.Drew and AC together.

Unknown said...

Also I don't know if it is the same exact tie. If you zoom into the picture it almost looks as if Tuesdays tie is stripped, but its the same color. But it could just be the picture. Who knows.