Thursday, August 06, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 & Anderson Cooper on Dr. Drew, too!

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from LA on Wednesday night.  There was a lot of "Trump" talk:

After AC360 Anderson was on Dr.Drew's show on HLN:

From social media today:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

At the start of Wednesday's 360, Anderson mentioned the Nashville theatre shooting for a few seconds but the lead story was MH370. The Malaysian Prime Minister has stated the piece of wing washed ashore on Reunion Island was indeed part of MH370. However, that's not conclusive and concrete yet. That's what Phil Ripley reported and that's what David Soucie, Richard Quest and David Gallo talked about.

The second segment was fuller coverage of the shooting in that Nashville theatre. There were clips and a Q&A with Chris Sanchez for more details. Anderson talked to two witnesses, Jessica Alarid and Max Roby. I watched Hayes sub cover Obama making the case for the Iran nuke deal, why Congress should okay it. Earlier there was coverage on 360 of politicians tearing apart the deal but so far no coverage of Obama making speeches and working to get it passed.

Politics was pushed down to the third segment, "Countdown to the Debate". Dana Bash said "There's so much excitement around the country for this debate." That's because people expect a circus, a madcap yell-a-thon and a wild and wooly brouhaha. All thanks to Trump. This debate would not have received one-tenth the attention if it was simply the usual bunch of GOPers. The panel was Jeffrey Lord, Donna Brazile (YAY!) and William Kristol (Blegh!). They talked too much about Bill Clinton calling Trump back in May but Jeffrey Lord made a very good point paralleling Trump to Reagan. Lord said in late 1979, nobody took Reagan seriously as a Presidential candidate. Reagan was a has-been actor, a divorced man and it was not considered strong enough to get the nomination. Then look what happened.

Next was a look at the "Dynasty" candidates, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. After a short report by Tom Foreman, the panel of Carl Bernstein and Gloria Borger took over. It was a good discussion with lots of good points made. Probably a more "fair and balanced" panel than I've seen on 360 in a while. Both Bernstein and Borger had positive and negative comments on both Hillary and Jeb.

Then it was another segment on the Nashville theatre shooting. It looked like this was because the name of the shooter, David Montano, was released. However, there was an interview already taped (Anderson, "...I talked to him earlier...") interview with Don Aaron from the Nashville Police Department.

Last in the show was the Bulletin. The second blip was on Obama "blasting critics" of the Iran nuke deal. The Hayes sub had covered this in his second segment, a strong analysis of the deal and the chances of it getting Congressional approval.

Most of 360 was pretty good. But I'm so glad Hayes is there to report on news Anderson won't or can't.

Thanks for the videos from Dr. Drew's show. I'll have to wait until I can get a chunk of time on the better computer to watch them.

Unknown said...

God that Dr. Drew show panel on Donald Trump was cringe worthy. I feel bad for Anderson who had to sit through that. I used to watch Dr. Drew before they "updated" it, and I usually enjoyed the show. But this whole audience question thing is a joke and it makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

I think AC is fascinated by Trump (I remember that bit he did on AC360 about the Rosie O'Donnell vs. Trump feud they had) but I doubt he in anyway relates to Trump or likes Trump. As he said on Dr. Drew, Trump is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise boring group of politicians.

aries moon said...

Welp, AC360 stuck President Obama's comments about the Iran deal in the bulletin at the end of the show--I'm surprised they even aired it at all since they avoid news about the Obama Administration on a regular basis.

I didn't know Dr. Drew had a show with a studio audience--it was pretty boisterous--not an environment that I'm used to seeing AC in--he was still defending Trump and I was happy to see him around folks who didn't think the idea of Trump as 'refreshing' as he did--unlike on 360, the panel on Dr. Drew's show pushed back and talked about Trump's character, inexperience and unwillingness or inability to provide substance or policy positions--AC stood his ground and continued to say that having Trump in the campaign is good for the election process and has made people more interested in the debates and the GOP candidates--would AC be as over the moon about a DEMOCRAT with the same brash style who avoided providing specific policies or plans for the country? I have the feeling he'd have a totally different outlook. AC said that Trump had a vision and he expresses it in simple terms like Reagan did and people like that and can relate to it--sorry, that's not NEARLY enough and I think we all should expect more from a presidential candidate and AC should know better. AC being part of the 1% may insulate him and cause him to blithely overlook the scary prospect of a Trump presidency because aside from Trump starting a nuclear war or something, he won't be as adversely affected by some of the decisions Trump might make, as opposed to ordinary working people who have a lot at stake. AC can afford to be casual about Trump--some of us absolutely cannot. Having said that, this doesn't take the other GOP candidates off the hook--their ideals and policies are just as bad. I liked the women on Dr. Drew's panel who spoke up about the importance of Planned Parenthood for women.

Although AC continued to irritate me with his Trump lovefest, it was REFRESHING to see him outside of the 360 studio and outside of his comfort zone--on second thought AC's always in his comfort zone because he's always very careful and deliberate in what he says or reveals and he never gives anything away that might result in a controversy.

CWM84 said...

I watched little of 360 and it seems I didn't miss much. Mh370. Let it go already. Condolences to families but it is what it is. And AC is fascinated but Trump and no doubt he and CNN want a GOP tcandidate in office next year. They are sick of Obama and dems. Obama is being very disrespected and ignored and dems are being ignored. I am no terms a Clinton or Sanders supporter but AC said his show was not a dem show or goo show but balanced. This has has not had any balance in months. Actually the last 2 election cycles. AC took it easy on Mitt Romney, like he is taking it easy on Trump and other Gop candidates. I think since marriage equality is law and dadt, doma repealed. He doesn't, 360 doesn't have any motivation to go after GOP anymore. They stand for big business and low taxes for rich and AC is big business and very, very wealthy. I don't think I will be watching this show much longer. The other side segments are rarely interesting too. I think broadcast news, local news maybe a better quality right now. Why can't they dedicate a show following the democratic race? Its GOP trump every night. Is CNN and Fox in cohorts to bring down Dems and just attack them? Its a right leaning show right now.