Monday, August 10, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, August 10, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an extended two hour edition of AC360 on Monday evening.  Topics included Ferguson Mo, The Donald and a police shooting of an unarmed 19 year old in Texas.  In the second hour there were two political panels that included Paul Begala.  Since we rarely see a Democrat on a political panel on AC360 these days, enjoy!

Anderson is scheduled to be a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday night.  We will have it covered for you.

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Jaanza said...

I was 5 minutes late to Monday's 360. Anderson was wrapping up his talk with a reporter on location in Ferguson MO. There were protests marking the first anniversary of Michael Brown's death and, not surprisingly, riots and arrests also. Earlier CNN programs had much more extensive coverage of what happened in Ferguson.
The rest of the first segment was about Trump, his "blood" remark and Megyn Kelly. He won't apologize but did have a lengthy explanation. The panel was Katrina Pierson, Ana-Malika Henderson and Amanda Carpenter. Topics included the non-apology, how will this affect voters, Trump's affect on the rest of the GOP, Hillary Clinton and the "war on women".

Recently fired/quit Trump advisor Roger Stone was interviewed by Anderson "shortly before the program began". Of course, it was shown with the LIVE icon was there. I switched to Hayes because I really wasn't interested in Stone.

Next was a segment on "Trump's Temperament" with David Gergen and Dr. Drew Pinsky. They talked about Trump's past, his leadership, narcissism and other stuff. Over on MSNBC, one of Hayes' pundits flat-out said "Trump is a ratings machine." Okay, I get that. But when does it reach the saturation point and viewers turn away?

Ferguson MO came back. Drew Grifiin had a really good report on the Ferguson Police Dept using fines and then arrest warrants for minor misdeeds - such as jaywalking or loud music - to generate money. Policing for profit. In a city with 21,000 people there are 16,000 outstanding warrrants for unpaid fines. Most of these were levied on black citizens. Griffin talked to a woamn fined for having an unregistered car in her driveway. He and Anderson talked about the Ferguson police department and how things havent' changed much since Brown was shot.

In Texas a black college athlete Christian Taylor was shot by police after breaking into a car dealership. Taylor was unarmed. Martin Savidge had the report.

I did not watch the second hour but did watch the Begala videos here on ATA. Gee, why didn't the first hour have so much coverage on Hillary Clinton? I thought she made some good points about women's issues and "singeling out" Rubio was justified. Also there was some attention given to Bernie Sanders, haven't seen that before. Overall, it was a decent panel discussion in the first video. The second video and panel was focused on Trump but it was a better discussion (I liked Begals's "Captain Phillips" comparison), Thanks, ATA, for posting these segments.

aries moon said...

Love seeing Paul Begala on 360 because he doesn't hold back on the real positions of ALL the Republicans. Anderson kept trying to ask if it was right for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to tie Trump and his actions to the rest of the GOP--Paul knows that there is very little difference between Trump and the other candidates who all have rather extremist views that turn off women and will likely sink the GOP in 2016. Ana Navarro tried to defend Marco Rubio's views on abortion, but that's not going to fly in the general election if he's the nominee.

Gergen, AC and Dr. Drew seemed to agree that narcissism has its positives when it comes to leaders--funny how this discussion was all about spinning Trump's negatives and somehow making them positive--Gergen even questioned whether Trump's bluster was genuine or if he was putting on an act--it doesn't matter if he is because his nasty, racist, sexist behavior is what his supporters want and he can't back away from it and expect to keep them happy.

Anderson asked one of the Trump supporting pundits if she thought Trump was thin-skinned and she said no. What planet is she on?

So Anderson's not only fascinated by Donald Trump but also his former adviser Roger Stone Jr. Trump and Stone are one in the same--Stone recently called Ana Navarro "dumb" and a "quota hire"--I am most certainly not an admirer of Ana Navarro but I wonder why Anderson didn't bring that up in his discussion with Stone since he seems to like Navarro and has her on the show often.

aries moon said...

Anderson also went out of his way to call Megyn Kelly a class act. I guess he doesn't know her history on Fox or doesn't care, but she actually comes off pretty racist most of the time--plenty of examples out there to prove it--not what I'd call a "class act". Anderson was really fawning over Trump on Monday too--I suppose if Trump toned down his act and tried to come off more presidential, he'd have Anderson's vote? lol.

CWM84 said...

AC can't cover Trump impartially. He is fascinated with Trump and admitted that. Admitted he loves speaking to him and being under in his company. He seemed to push back on Paul too. More coverage on Trump tonight... AC cut in on Trumps speech and seemed to really wanted to be there. He has a glow in his eyes when he discusses Trump. Trump is behaving like a character, he is a character, he is a t.v. star... its unbelievable how he is doing in the polls. Unbelievable.