Monday, August 24, 2015

From The ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper Covers The Feud Between Rosie O'Donnell and "Trump"!

From Instagram today:


Anderson is on a yacht off the coast of Spain vacationing with friends.  The very capable John Berman is in the AC360 anchor chair and we decided to go to the ATA vualt.

With wall to wall Trump coverage on AC360 these days we decided to take a look back to when Anderson/AC360 covered the feud between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.  Seems like little has changed with The Donald in the last 9 years!  Grab your popcorn and Coke and enjoy!

This clip aired December 20, 2006 as "The Shot" and was the beginning of Anderson's coverage of the "feud" and left Anderson "completely verklempt" ~  

It's now Day Two of coverage (these clips aired December 21, 2006) and Anderson starts by bringing us up-to-date, while munching on popcorn and drinking a Coke ~

In a second segment that night, Jeff Toobin and Lisa Bloom are in the studio to discuss the potential legal angles with Cooper ~

After a Christmas cease-fire, the feud started up again and Anderson covered it on AC360 (these videos aired December 28, 2006), where he brought viewers up-to-date and then played an extended interview he had with Trump.  ~

Part 2:

The feud didn't seem to end with 2006; this clip originally aired January 3. 2007 ~

Hope you finished your popcorn, because that's all we have on the Rosie/Trump feud for now!

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Thanks for the O'Donnell vs Trump videos! So much fun to see these again. Where did all of Anderson's snark go to?

Monday's 360 with John Berman was okay. Here are the topics:
- Obama's "blessing" a Biden Presidential campaign; the impact on Hillary Clinton
- Stock market dive - loved seeing Richard Quest explain it all. The panel with him, David Gergen and Jeffrey Lord started out well. The on-screen title was "The Candidates and the Economy". Gergen spoke of Trump, Jeb and Hillary but quickly the emphasis was on Trump. The on-screen title was changed to "Donald Trump and the Economy". I changed the channel.
- Donald Trump segment. I didn't watch but when I checked back, a reporter was covering Jeb's recent immigration comments.
- "Terror Train Heroes" all on the 3 Americans, 1 Brit and 1 American/French guy who stopped a terrorist on a French train. Martin Savidge had the report.
- A totally unnecessary segment on the escape of NY convicts Matt & Sweat. This was labelled LIVE but was shown months ago. I didn't watch.
- Bulletin. The first blip was on the ruling by a judge dismissing thousands of arrest warrants in Ferguson MO. This was the subject of a Drew Griffin report and deserved its own segment far more than a repeat of the Matt & Sweat escape piece.

Hope Anderson has a great vacation and remembers the sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

In watching the old videos it stood out to me that Trump has always been a bully and always will be a bully. He apparently has a very limited vocabulary as he keeps using the same few terms to insult pretty much everyone but the people that like a bully. I would like to know the education level of his followers. Apparently they all need a civics lesson because Donald can't fire Congress, he can't fire the Supreme Court and he can't fire foreign leaders. He won't be dealing with managers, he'll be dealing with elected officials that have their own agendas. Not sure why some trust him with the economy. Guess they haven't heard about his business bankruptcies and near personal bankruptcy not that many years ago. I hope some of the other Republicans go after him on his use of government subsidies, etc. There was a time when Anderson could have had a field day with KTH segments on Trump, but CNN has hitched itself to the Trump campaign for ratings.