Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Simi Valley, CA on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from Simi Valley, CA on Tuesday night.  It was two hours of talking "Trump" and the CNN Republican Debate being held on Wednesday night.  In closing, Anderson did say he would be anchoring The Lead for Jake Tapper tomorrow (Wednesday).

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Jaanza said...

I love Anderson. He's smart, adorable and has proven himself to be an outstanding journalist. 360, however, has sucked lately. That also goes for CNN in general for the Trump over-saturation.

Tuesday's 360 was at the Reagan Library. Anderson was with several pundits at the start when he launched into "All TRUMP News". Hayes' first segment was also mostly Trump but was marginally better than 360 because Cornell Belcher was there. Elsewhere on TV, the GetTV channel was showing "The Three Stooges in Orbit".

At :18 into the hour, 360's on-screen title was "Trump's View of the World". I went to MSNBC. Hayes was interviewing Stuart Stevens, former strategist for Romney, in a segment titled "Lessons of 2012". Quite a bit of Trump in the discussion but overall a smart analytical look at the 2016 campaign so far.
A quick check on 360 at :22 showed the on-screen title "Awaiting Trump Speech on National Security Aboard USS Iowa". Hell and damnation, a live Trump event two days in a row.

I'm not going to apologize for watching Hayes when Hayes is interviewing NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio about the James Blake incident and the NYPD in general. Especially when 360 is nothing but Trump, Whatever happened to Anderson's interview with Blake?

The segment starting with Biden's comments on Trump had potential if the segment covered more about Biden than simply his comment on Trump. That didn't happen. However, there was a panel on how the other GOP candidates will do in tomorrow's debate. Unfortunately, the focus was on how will they deal with Trump. Unexpectedly in the middle there was a comment or two about polls and how drastically things can change, just like what Nate Silver was talking about yesterday.

At the end of the first hour there was a report on flash floods in Utah. At :09 into the second hour Trump's speech was carried live. Sadly, this was also the case for MSNBC and Maddow.

I repeat, I love Anderson. I hate what 360 has become. I will not watch the GOP debate. This is not sticking my head into the sand, ignoring a problem and hope it goes away. This is disgust over a show which has become part of a propaganda machine rather than a news program.

aries moon said...

Trump may promise that he'll talk about his "foreign policy plans" but why would anyone believe him? Naturally he didn't have anything to say--and he doesn't have to because his rabid supporters don't care about anything except hating on President Obama and the groups who support him, the Republican establishment and immigration--they'll accept anything Trump does as long as he continues to rail against those three issues.

Rachel Maddow had an excellent piece on the "veterans" organization that Trump's event/fundraiser was for--apparently it's just one guy with $30 in the bank and a few hundred dollars of debt--Rachel was wondering why that pertinent bit of info wasn't reported front and center on all the news shows--heaven knows 360 would never do it.

"Propaganda machine" is the perfect description for what 360 has become--the other Republican/Democratic candidates get nearly no attention whatsoever and it's pretty disturbing.

And yes, what happened to the interview with James Blake that AC promised last week? There was also some interesting news about the police officer who was shot near Chicago a while back, apparently investigators are now looking into the possibility of suicide. Will AC ever report on those developments?

aries moon said...

I forgot to say that I do give AC credit for cutting Trump short and tuning out of his speech once he realized that Trump wasn't going into specifics about foreign policy. Could AC be getting sick of Trump's schtick too?

Interesting that AC's subbing for Jake Tapper on The Lead--AC rarely subs for anyone--I may have seen him sitting in for Larry King or Wolf Blitzer once or twice, but it's not something he's asked to do often. The other anchors usually sit in for AC.

Anonymous said...

At the moment, Calif is in the grip of 2 disasters: giant raging forest fires & a giant GOP debate. Anderson Cooper is on the scene at one of them.

CWM84 said...

Its a shame what 360 has turned into and CNN in general. The world doesn't go on unless the gop debate is included. Let's wait and see if when the dem debates start if they'll do this wall to wall coverage and with so much energy and festive feelings. I'm telling you these people want a Republican in office to stop the income inequalities policies that dems are talking about. Again no coverage of dems only in a negative or passive mentioning of them. I skipped AC last night and will continue too. I know Kim Davis will be brought up, I wonder if there will be any push back on some answers when it comes to LGBT rights as we know the gop oppose full equality for LGBT Americans. Also Bigot huckabee needs to be challenged for his claim that African Americans aren't legal citizens. Of course the preacher who should wear a white hood logic was debunked but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be called out on a national stage. Tired of the softball treatment of the Republicans.

aries moon said...

There aren't that many reporters on television willing to call out the GOP since most of these news organizations are owned by mostly conservative corporations--MSNBC is even starting to lean right and many of their left-leaning shows/hosts have been dropped and they've brought in a lot more Republican guests/pundits/politicians. MSNBC is becoming more like CNN which tries to proclaim it's non-partisan and neutral but has been leaning to the right for quite a while now. Liberal voices are being squashed on television these days. Most of the Sunday news programs only feature Republicans and the majority of them are male. I do have to give Jake Tapper some credit for pressing Scott Walker about his ties to the Koch Brothers though--there are a few bright spots here and there, but it does seem as though the MSM has turned on Hillary, ignoring the other liberal candidates and pushing for a GOP win in 2016. Not to mention that there is a lot of resentment and bitterness towards President Obama in the beltway media and the White House Press Corps.

CWM84 said...

Got CNN now they are making this like the super bowl or Oscars with these behind the scenes and pre debate interviews. This is extremely ridiculous. You got the feeling CNN and gop are one big propaganda tycoons trying to brainwash viewers. Its really making me sick. This network loves to just bash Obama and democratic principles and ideals. Zucker is a Republican. AC log cabin Republican. Other anchors are republicans. Even democratic pundits seemed to be banned for appearing on the network today. We get it. You love Trump, love goo and hate Obama.

Anonymous said...