Thursday, September 10, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, September 10, 2015 - The RidicuList: Easy For You To Say + Extras!

Anderson Cooper anchored an extended two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  In the first hour was a pretty telling interview with the author of The Rolling Stone cover story on Trump:

In the second hour there was a segment on the Democratic race and Paul Begala was on the panel:

 Much of the second hour was a replay of "The Donald" spewing whatever flies into his head on New Day earlier in the day.  (See article below about CNN's excessive Trump coverage.) Anderson closed the program with a RidicuList:

A few extra Anderson videos posted the last couple of days:

From The Wrap today:

CNN Staffers Complain to Jeff Zucker About Obsessive Trump Coverage, Bumping Anderson Cooper's Katrina Special (Exclusive)

“We are not perfect,” network president says about coverage of GOP frontrunner at Thursday town hall, a network insider tells TheWrap

Jeff Zucker has guided his producers and talent to cover Donald Trump until the eyeballs start turning away. Apparently, his producers already want to.

At a network town hall on Thursday, producers complained about the obsessive coverage the network has given the GOP frontrunner, including airing full campaign rallies and an endless amount of segments dedicated to Trump. 

One producer expressed concern that the network, as TheWrap first reported, bumped an Anderson Cooper special on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina last month to air a post-Trump-rally hour hosted by Don Lemon.

On overall Trump coverage, Zucker simply responded “we are not perfect,” the insider said. Responding specifically to the pre-empting of Cooper’s Katrina special, Zucker pointed to the fact that Cooper was on vacation when the special was scheduled to air.

“On Katrina he felt it was better to run it when Anderson was back anchoring,” the insider said of Zucker’s response. The CNN boss also defended the move by saying the ratings for the special were strong when it eventually aired.

But many at the network scratched their heads over the rationale since the program was pre-taped.

CNN will get a whole lot more of Trump in the next week as the network gears up for the GOP presidential debate it will air September 16.

Its promo commercials feature Trump and Jeb Bush sounding off.
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Jaanza said...

CNN has revealed it's line-up for their GOP debate next week. John King had the details on who's on the A Team and who's on the B Team. He also had some new poll numbers. Anderson introduced the panel of Amanda Carpenter, Jeffrey Lord and Matt Kibbe. They talked about Trump, political correctness, candidates like Jindal doing anything to get some attention, Rand Paul, "disestablishment" candidates, Cruz and the evangelical vote. There was just enough non-Trump talk to keep me tuned in.

However, the second segment started with Trump and "Controversial Candidate" over Anderson's shoulder. Trump dissed Carly Fiorina's looks in an interview and today was trying to explain it away. I didn't watch the segment. Hayes was interviewing Bernie Sanders.

The next segment looked like it was going to be about the same topic - Trump, Fiorina, looks, excuses - this time with a panel of all women. It was Gloria Borger, Margaret Hoover and another woman. This overlapped Hayes' interview with Al Franken, MY Senator. Sanders and Franken are two guys I can't imagine Anderson interviewing on 360 while under the thumb of Zucker. I'm not happy saying that and would love to be proved wrong.

Next was a crime segment just like yesterday's; part on the death of Officer Glieniewicz and part on the Arizona highway shootings.

Last in the first hour was a Will Ripley report on the flooding in Japan. Anderson also had a short Q&A with Ripley before previewing the next hour by saying there'd be news on the Democratic candidates. I went to "Project Runway" but watched that segment here on ATA. If Trump wasn't in the race, would this news be the lead of the first hour? Interesting numbers, explained by King, about the polls but since these are only from Iowa I'm not going to worry about them too much.
The panel with King, Borger and Paul Begala was pretty good. I don't think Biden has to decide soon about running; this is still very early.

ATA, thanks also for the Ridiculist. The weatherman was so smooth with his pronunciation. I hope someday 'The Amazing Race' goes to that Welsh town because often in the show when the contestants first read where they are going they sometimes badly mangle the name. Did you know there are a dozen ways to mispronounce "The Seychelles" ?

THE WRAP article on CNN, Trump and Zucker has some astonishing elements. It's great to hear that others including CNN employees are sick of Trump. Zucker was not even trying to justify the excessive Trump coverage, simply 'we're not perfect'. Well how about getting closer to perfect by not broadcasting Trump rallies and flowery 'Meet the Trump family' reports? Postponing Anderson's Katrina special because he was on vacation? That's just stupid. Anderson came back to work on a Thursday and that's when his Katrina special was finally aired. I wonder if he returned from vacation just to ensure it would be shown?

aries moon said...

So CNN staffers are sick of the excessive Trump coverage and AC seems to have suddenly realized that Trump's kind of a fraud. The best part of 360 was when AC said that Trump is basically insulting everyone's intelligence by pretending he didn't say what he actually said and by implying that he was misunderstood. If you're going to be talking about how you're not politically correct, stand by your statements. I agree with the anon on the previous post that the moderators of the next debate should go after Trump and make him answer some tough questions and don't let him pull his fast-talking schtick. It's an embarrassment that someone as ludicrous as Trump could actually end up in the White House. Wake up people.

AC's special on teens looks intriguing--I'm not sure why he was doing the Facebook challenge or what the purpose of the short Q&A with Kate Bouldan was but they were fun to watch. I guess Jeff Zucker's coming up with these things? I don't remember AC having to do anything like that in the past.

Unknown said...

Oh I've been waiting for AC to sit down with Kate! Thanks for posting!

CWM84 said...

Doesn't surprise me that there has been an order by zucker to basically make CNN, Trumps news network. It seems tho AC hasn't mind the excessive coverage and is bored with other stories that don't have anything to do with Trump. It doesn't look like the Trump excessive and obsessive coverage will end anytime soon tho. The debate is next Wednesday and then more coverage on polls after that. Zucker is ruining this network with childish name calling from gop candidates from real news content. The katrina story was important but to keep pushing that back was just a slap in the face to AC and the whole ordeal there. AC may like it there but he maybe better off just doing 60 mins or going to another network. They have been stop using his talents to their advantage at least since 2011. Very unhappy with CNN social media picked out stories to analyze to death with a ridiculous amount of pundits to discuss things. I think AC obviously enjoys his tidy salary and being on t.v. 5 days a week to take a stand against the buffoonery that has become Don Lemon and cnn!

Anonymous said...

So I have noticed that AC has been using his personal Facebook more the last couple of days. I'm wondering if he is posting there because he is planning on using that one to post things if he leaves ac360/cnn and still wants to continue a following to whatever job he moves to. One can only hope. I still think he would like it better doing 60 minutes full time. More long thought out stories and the travel as well. I just really dislike CNN right now and no one is more gross than Don Lemon.