Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 On Thursday, September 17, 2015 + Anderson Cooper To Co-Host Live With Kelly & Michael on Friday

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  The program started out with a Trump Town Hall in New Hampshire that quickly went bad in many people's eyes...

Part two of the discussion where feisty Anderson showed up:

And then Anderson did something "The Donald" will never do, he apologized...

What would have made a good "next segment" was buried in the second hour and there was no discussion after the report.  The story of Ahmed and his clock was a prime example of the result of what happens when "misinformed" people are not corrected by those in a position to do so:

The second hour also contained a segment on Hillary Clinton and her interview with Wolf Blitzer:

The program ended with a RidicuList:

Anderson is scheduled to guest co-host Live with Kelly and Michael tomorrow (Friday).  Scheduled guests are Richard Gere and Colin Hanks.  We plan to have it covered for you.

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Anonymous said...

I wish AC would not have apologized because Andy Dean is a pos but I knew he would right after he said it. I'm just glad he called him on that passing of some nasty untrue rhetoric. I wonder if Zucker really is the cause for most of the conservative switch on the channel....

Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was a little bit better because, even though there was too much Trump, the Trump coverage was more objective.

Trump's rally and Q&A in NH was the lead, not the debate, because of an anti-Muslim question from the audience. Trump's non-answer ("We're looking at all the options...") got a lot of scrutiny from Anderson. He said Trump "didn't have the guts" to push back on the Islamophobe. After a short discussion with a reporter who was there, the panel of Amanda Carptener, David Gergen and Andy Dean started. Dean was the President of Trump Productions. But where was the usual Trump Groupie Jeffrey Lord?

The panel really got going in the second segment - see ATA's second video for it. Anderson pushed back alot on Dean's excuses for why Trump let the anti-Muslim question slide; it was "one lunatic" in the audience, Trump meant only "radical Muslims". I loved Anderson's incredulous expressions while Dean spoke. This was classic "You're Not Going To Bullshit ME!" and Anderson has nothing to apologize for.

Drew Griffin must have watched Rachel Maddow last night. His report on the seediness of the charity (Veterans for a Strong America) Trump spoke for on the U.S.S. Iowa covered the same material Maddow presented last night. Was the kick in the pants to do this report Trump or Maddow?

I would have liked the profile of Carly Florina a lot more if there was less Trump. EVERY clip of her from the debate included Trump. Not one stand-alone comment on taxes, foreign policy or anything. Elsewhere in Tom Foreman's report was good information on her bad record at Hewlett-Packard and her failed Senate campaign. Trump did not need to be in this so much.

Gary Tuchman had a report with a body language expert looking at the candidates in yesterday's debate. I watched Hayes interview Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), another guy who'll probably never get on 360 while Zucker is in charge.

I hardly ever watch the second hour. This time, during "Project Runway" commercial breaks, I checked in. Usually, the second hour is clearly the second fiddle, second class and just plain secondary. Maybe because historically the second hour always gets lower ratings, the "less interesting" news is put here. But it was here I saw coverage of the other candidates, a discussioni with Sanjay Gupta on Trump's vaccines = autism comment, Planned Parentfhood funding, Hillary Clinton and her appearance on "The Tonight Show" and Ahmed Mohamed. At 9:50, Ahmed got two and a half minutes of coverage. Yesterday, this was Hayes' lead story which included an interview with Ahmed and his mom; and further discussion today about the arrest.

The Ridiculist about a "Jeopardy" contestant who referenced the "Saturday Night Live" parody of "Jeopardy" was C+. The time would have been better spent covering more about Ahmed Mohamed's arrest. Perhaps a talk with Jeffrey Toobin?

aries moon said...

Donald Trump and his racist followers should be called out at every opportunity by responsible reporters like Anderson and he did a very good job of it with Trump supporter Andy Dean--AC doesn't usually lose his cool like he did on Thursday but he was justified because Dean tried to imply that AC had no right to criticize Trump and that his thoughts had no merit. I also don't think Anderson had anything to apologize for or take back--Trump is a weak fraud. AC does seem to have a code he tries to live up to and he makes an effort to treat his guests respectfully--he was clearly disappointed in himself considering how quickly he backed down--but I love me some fired up, weave-snatching AC and wish that side of him would show up more often. He just doesn't want it to. I agreed with Gergen's comments for the most part until he said that the country was desperate for an effective leader, that's where he lost me because we already have one NOW.

I was surprised that AC360/Drew Griffin decided to cover the Donald Trump fake veterans group controversy--as Jaanza said, Maddow broke the story the other night and generally Griffin doesn't seem all that interested in looking into Republican-centered misdeeds.

Read somewhere that Kelly and Michael tape the show that will air Friday on Thursdays--if so, maybe AC was a little extra cranky and snappy because he didn't get much sleep after covering the debate and then possibly subbing early in the morning w/Kelly? If the Friday show is live, Kelly might bring up AC's blow up.

CWM84 said...

I think AC is under orders not to push back against so much on republicans anymore. He used to KTH on dems and gop and from 2009, 2012 really pressed guest if said something that contradict themselves or flat out lies. He really went after Michelle Bachmann back on 2011 and Birthers. He used to challenge statements made by guest. He used to KTH on gay issues, fraud. The show just sour about 2012. They went more left leaning since. AC is more like a moderator now. Introduce topics and gop guest have a field day slamming, Obama, Clinton etc. It doesn't surprise me that Trump didn't correct that ignorant audience member. It is quite common for republicans to believe Obama is Muslim and not born in America. It is quite known that Cruz was not born here. But he gets a free pass. If Obama was born in Keyna and his mom was an american citizen doesn't he still have the same opportunity as Cruz does now? No one mentions that. Cruz was born in Canada and because his mom was a U.S citizen he gets to run for President. Its a contradiction, a hypocrisy, farce by gop extreme followers and Trump is one of them. Obama is a Christian and his only known perhaps interaction of Islam is perhaps when he lived in Indonesia. But again the extreme right wing has a propaganda machine against Obama and it won't ever die down. Republicans hate Obama and so do many dems and independents. He's not a popular man on t.v. or otherwise. Don't expect the disdain of him to die down anytime soon. Its republican season and the cable news is eating it all up and not even bothering to correct nothing said badly about Obama.