Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  From the second hour, Paul Begala brought a little realness to the discussion of the Dick and Liz Cheney interview:

This reminded us that Anderson did an outstanding interview with Liz Cheney on May 22, 2009.  He asked tough questions having clearly done his homework for the interview.  At the time, some mentioned it may have been his best interview ever.

Liz Cheney Part 1
Liz Cheney Part 2

Anderson posted sad news to his Instagram account this afternoon:

Several years ago Molly was a special guest one night on Red AC360, here's the video:

Anderson spoke about Molly in a 60 minutes segment on whether dogs love us.  Some quotes from that interview:

"I'm a total dog person. I just really love dogs. I like other people's dogs. I like dogs of all kinds. Pit bulls—I actually love pit bulls," he explained.

"I've always wondered if my dog is scamming me. Do they really love us or do they just know, 'OK, if I lick their hand, they're gonna give me food?' Or, 'If I wag my tail, and if I look at them a certain way and I cock my head, that seems to work with this person.'"

“The idea that a dog looking at you is ‘hugging you with their eyes’ to me, is really kind of cool,” said Anderson.  He later joked that Molly “doesn’t look at me nearly enough.”

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

So sad to hear that Molly has passed away. She seemed like such a sweet dog. My heart goes out to Anderson and I'll keep him in my thoughts.

Jaanza said...

Essentially, the first hour of Tuesday's 360 had two things - news about the cop killed in Illinois and news about people I don't want to hear about.

Anderson had three segments on the search for the killers of Officer Glieniewicz outside of Chicago. It started with an overview, a report by Ryan Young on the scene and a panel with Harry Houck, Matthew Horace and Dan Borgino.
In the second segment Anderson interviewed Chelsea McDougall and Devan Arby to get a personal profile of Officer Glieniewicz.
The third segment was not needed. Tom Foreman's report on the geography of the manhunt was short enough to be included in an earlier segment. Randi Kaye's report on other famous manhunts was pure filler and a waste of time.

The next segment was on Jeb's attack ad on Trump and Don Lemon's interview with Trump. I didn't watch.

I don't care what Cheney and almost-clone daughter Liz think. I did not watch Anderson's interview with Jamie Gangel. Checking back occasionally, there seemed to be long clips of Gangel's interview with the Cheneys. I channelsurfed but got back when Anderson was talking to Gangel. He said there would be more from the Cheney interview in the next hour. That made me not want to watch the next hour.
However, I did watch ATA's clip of Ari Fleischer and Paul Begala. I loved Begala calling Cheney a political sociopath and pointing out his Halliburton history and it's role in Iran. Fleischer made excuses for Cheney.

Rachel Maddow's first segment was on CNN's upcoming GOP debate and how, after stating many times they would not change the rules for inclusion in the debate, changed the rules. Carly Florina, who didn't make the cut, complained loudly and CNN buckled under and "amended" their rules for Fiorina.

So sad about Molly. In the clip she seems like such a sweet mellow dog. Losing a pet is so heartbreaking. My family's rule - bawl your eyes out, wait two weeks, then go to the pound and get a new doggie or kitty. I hope it's not too soon to suggest Anderson get a new dog. The pound in NYC has lots of dogs who would love to be with someone like him.

aries moon said...

I'm not here for any Dick and Liz Cheney Obama-bashing, Iraq revisionist history interviews on 360. It's interesting how much of what President Obama says, does, proposes on a daily basis is routinely ignored and unreported on 360 but when Cheney or some other worthless Republican has something negative to say about the president, 360 always has tons of time during the broadcast to devote to it--I don't know, seems a little biased to me but since they're not getting called out for it by folks who report on TV news coverage, they're have no incentive to make changes--I'm sure they don't give a crap what their viewers think. Paul Begala got some good points in during the taped Cheney discussion with AC and Fleischer, but I don't like that 360 always edits segments like these to make sure that the Republican always gets the last word and the most time to speak. I also didn't appreciate how they kept that banner that read "Cheney: Obama is the worst president of my lifetime" up FOREVER on the screen. We get it 360, you want to put as much negativity about the president out there as possible--I will give AC some credit for not giving Cheney a total pass and asking Fleischer if it was appropriate for Cheney to place all of the blame on President Obama for Iraq/ISIS. It looks as if President Obama will have the votes he needs to secure the Iran deal--Cheney only WISHES the sorry administration he was a part of could've had the kind of success that the Obama Administration has had.

I was really surprised and saddened to see AC's tweet about the passing of his lovably cute dog Molly--I knew she was up there in age, but I thought she was fairly healthy and was doing ok. AC seemed ok on 360 Tuesday night, but I know he has to be devastated to lose his sweet companion. I remember watching that segment on Red360 with AC and Molly--I thought her demeanor was just like AC's, sort of relaxed and calm--the perfect pet for him.

CWM84 said...

So sorry to hear about another Cop murdered. Cops are really under attack and it seems we are hearing about an officer getting killed once a week or two weeks now. 26 this year so far. Once again I don't think people realize how not only important law enforcement are to a civilized society but how dangerous their jobs are. This guy was apparently just attacked, shot with his own gun, call stolen. Just sickening to hear. My cousin was a cop and thankfully he retired without being harmed, the stories he has told me about dealing with some of the criminals out here. Its really a thankless job too. Again the bad cops need to go but we need good cops and they need our support and The Presidents support. He has been notably quite and the wake of these recent slaughters on our law enforcement. I sadly watched some of the Dick and Liz interview and this guy, the contempt he has for Obama is just palpable. Obama is blamed for everything, CNN just had to enjoy the anti Obama rhetoric. They ignored Obama but invite anyone to slam him. Dick Cheney has to nerve To call Obama worse President on his lifetime. Ha! He has a very short memory. Yeah G.W. terms were a success. Trillions in false pretense wars, the biggest recession since great depression etc. Cheney is one of those pompous ass clowns... that Obama could walk on water, they would say,"see he can't swim!" Lol No surprise that he is trying to rewrite history and that is to defecate on Obama's! Cheney you and Bush belong in Jail! Lastly sorry to hear about Molly. She was around a long time and I know AC is sad. It was nice seeing her T.v. and pics. I hope AC gets a new dog. But I know losing a pet takes time. I still think about My childhood dog Rufus. He was a boxer. He was our family dog for 12 years. I was 7 when we took him home. He has been gone 19 years now and every now and then I think about him and get misty eyed. Its tough.

CWM84 said...

Pointless segment by 360 as it was only to give air time to a creep, war criminal who should be in jail to attack the President. 360 absolutely loathes Obama. This is a man who has stood for equality for people like AC and others and all they do is have segments to attack him or ignore him. Dick Cheney not only needed a new heart but he needs a new brain to rewrite history. He's a hardened POS! Screw 360 for them being opportunist to attack Obama unprovoked.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I enjoyed Anderson's Katrina special and the Friday night program he anchored from NOLA.

@aries moon - regarding the story that ended the program Monday night about the recovery of the frozen embryos. I didn't get the feeling that it was a pro-life segment. I saw it air on another CNN program when I watched for a couple hours Saturday afternoon to see if they were covering the actual anniversary. The report was actually produced for CNN Money and they had the reporter giving the background story on the report. He said he had read about the twin boys being the first to be born post Katrina from the recovered embryos. Only first names were given in the article and he explained how he was able to track down the actual parents for the story. Apparently the photographer with him on the story died in the middle of reporting on Katrina stories for the anniversary and they showed some of her work as well. I got the feeling the impetus was looking for a story of new life post Katrina and also showcasing the photographers work. I'm not sure why the story was repackaged, edited for time and Anderson doing the voice over work for the 360 version that aired.

I was mad at the angle of the segment on Monday night's program that featured Harry Houck, Charles Blow and Sunny Hostin. I was glad to see Charles stand up to Houck, who doesn't help the police reputation whenever he appears on AC360. If you look at his tweets he's pretty much a racist, Conservative. I know Anderson has a soft spot of the police, but think even he would be smart enough to realize he's not helping the police cause when he had Harry Houck on the air. The whole segment should have been questioning how someone with several arrests and convictions got the gun he used to ambush the policeman, but I'm guessing that doesn't give the ratings that CNN is looking for.

Concerning officer shootings. There have been 24 so far this year. In 2011 there were 87 and last year there were 59, so while I don't like to see anyone killed in the line of duty no matter their profession, it's not like this year has seen a huge spike in police killings. It's just that some media is trying to hype it to contrast the protests in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Regarding the officer killed in Fox Lake, IL. It has been all over the local news because I live in the greater Chicago area. Fox Lake is about an hour Northwest from Chicago and because of the lakes in the area (not far from the IL/Wisconsin border) was one time pretty much a vacation community for people from the City. The officer was not ambushed. He self responded to three suspicious individuals - males, 2 white, 1 black he saw while on patrol and did not request backup. Apparently they ran when he showed up and he requested back up and pursued them on foot. When backup arrived he was found shot, not next to his car but further up a path. There is confusion about whether the killers took the cop's gun or it was recovered at the crime scene as reported by some local media today and police are not confirming anything at this time because of an on-going investigation. They wouldn't confirm whether his firearm was discharged which would lead one to believe they had the gun, but maybe not. At today's press conference the head investigator said they were withholding some information and waiting for other information as part of the ongoing investigation. IMO one of the saddest things about this case is that the police officer had planned to retire at the end of August, but the Chief asked him to stay on one more month, so his retirement was set for Sept. 30th. He had over 30 years on the force and was very much a part of the community he policed having lived and raised his four sons in the area.


Anonymous said...


I'm frustrated the the media doesn't push the gun addiction in the U.S. and make the case for sensible gun laws. President Obama has tried, but to no avail given the NRA and an unwilling Congress. People can mourn cops and other lives, but unless they are willing to stand up to the NRA and push their elected representatives into action. The killing will not stop. And their needs to be federal gun control laws as it doesn't help the problem in Chicago/IL when you can cross into Indiana, buy 43 guns in one day and bring them back and sell them illegal on the street with no consequences. Yes, there was an undercover sting by Chicago Police and a man was able to buy 43 guns in one day in Indiana. NO ONE should be able to buy 43 guns, especially in one day.

Dick Cheney is evil incarnate. He should be in jail. Not sure why CNN/AC360 feels he deserves airtime. Thank God for Paul Begala bringing realness to the panel and bringing up Cheney/Iran/Haliburton. Between Cheney and Trump, the true colors of the Conservative Party are on display for all to see.

Our current president, President Obama, has been sharing some wonderful reports from Alaska, but CNN/AC360 apparently isn't even aware he's there, that he's restored the name of the great one to it's original native name of Mt. Denali and talking climate change which is very evident in Alaska and should be of concern to us all. Instead they seem intent on covering bogus polling on the 2016 presidential election. 538.com has some good articles about how polling at this time is meaningless, but if the media couldn't exploit the polling data, they would have nothing much to talk about.

My heart aches for Anderson on the loss of his beloved Molly. I've lost a few pets in my lifetime and my heart has broken a little bit more with each one. I'm with Jaanza, cry your eyes out and then go to the shelter and adopt a new pet. I did just that two years ago and while you heart will still be broken, a new puppy or kitten will bring some much needed joy into your life at that time and for years to come.

Anonymous said...


Phebe said...

We lost one of our beautiful spaniels, Sadie, last week so I feel Anderson's pain over losing Molly. Of the 5 doggies in my profile picture (watching Anderson on TV) 3 are no longer with us and the other 2 are getting well up in years. Our pets love us unconditionally and leave a big void in our lives when they pass on. RIP Molly & Sadie.

aries moon said...

@Phebe, so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved spaniel Sadie--having a loving pet is one of the greatest joys in life and that makes losing them so difficult to bear--hold on to your wonderful memories of Sadie, it will be a comfort.

@anon 8:12 pm, your post says everything I feel about 360, Harry Houck, the lack of stronger gun control laws in the USA and President Obama and thank you for your comment on the frozen embryo story--I sometimes let my suspicions about how news is presented overtake me and end up totally misreading a situation--thanks for providing me with a different perspective.

I agree with CMW84 that Cheney should be in jail instead of television and anon 11:56 about Piers Morgan's battle with the gun lobby--I wasn't a fan, but he was always right on this particular issue.