Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anderson Cooper - American Academy of Television Interview part 2

As we explained last night, with John Berman in the AC360 anchor chair this week, we are posting Anderson Cooper's interview with the American Academy of Television.

Part 2 of the first hour of Anderson's interview with the American Academy of Television.  If you missed part one, please click here for last night's post.

Part 3/last of the first hour:

We will be posting hour 2 on Wednesday and Thursday and then the last half hour on Friday.

From the Observer today:
Anderson Cooper’s Home Is the Backdrop for David Beckham’s H&M Film

While David Beckham might be playing frontman for rugged luxury outwear brand Belstaff, and starring in their newest short film Outlaws, the soccer star is taking another stab at acting in the slightly more lighthearted short film, Beckham + Hart x H&M, for the fast fashion retailer. The backdrop for much of the film, starring Mr. Beckham, comedian Kevin Hart, and a bulldog named Coco, also happens to be a fellow celebrity’s Manhattan property.

Anderson Cooper’s Greenwich Village firehouse, which he acquired in 2010 for $4.3 million, spans 8,240 square feet, and includes, “…a gym from the turn of the century,” as he told USA Today. Mr. Hart and Mr. Beckham hilariously use said retro gym, and the building’s Manhattan rarities-a garage and rooftop-as the comedian attempts to method-act his way into the life of the footballer.
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Here's the video short:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

Who would've thought the notoriously private AC and Benjamin Maisani would open up their home to a film crew? There have been times when Anderson's filmed inside the firehouse--with Bourdain and a few times on his old talk show, but I never would've figured he would agree to do something like this--he must've gotten a ton of money for it and I suppose the idea of your home being immortalized in a film has some appeal--the firehouse is huge so there's plenty that is probably not shown in the movie. I didn't even know David Beckham had an acting career to begin with. Thanks for the movie clip and the AAT interview of AC which I never get tired of listening to.