Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper In Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour anchored CNN's special coverage of the Pope in Washington DC from 8;50amET to noon from the DC studio today.  Anderson also was back at 4pmET to anchor The Lead, filling in for Jake Tapper.

Anderson Cooper finished his "TV" day by anchoring a two hour edition of AC360 from the steps of the Capitol Building.  He opened the program with an overview of the Pope's day:

In the second hour Anderson interviewed two of the children that met the Pope and President Obama at the airport on Tuesday:

TruTV released a promo Anderson participated in for the new season of Billy On The Street:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

I like Pope Francis even though many of the more hard-core of our religion would consider me a terrible Catholic. It's great seeing the Pope get a good welcome to this country and I hope he ruffles quite a few feathers tomorrow when he speaks to Congress.
However, I don't need three segments on the Pope.
The first was an overview of his activities today and a talk with John Allen and Father Thomas Rosica.
The second was on Papal security, a report by Tom Foreman and a talk with Dan Borgino and Andreas Widmer.
The third started with a report by Suzanne Malveaux about the Pope's political views and then a talk with Ana Navarro.
I paid little attention to the second and third segments. It was over-board information and besides Hayes, who covered Pope news in his first segment, had moved on to other topics.

Then it was Trump. There was a flattering report by Randi Kaye; she was on the Trump campaign trail and asked him several softball questions. Anderson talked about Trump's newest feud with FOX News and then there was a Q&A with Brian Stelter.

At the risk of sounding redundant, that was all the Trump news I needed or wanted. When Anderson showed a clip of Trump at the beginning of the next segment and then started talking to Sam Clovis, a Trump campaign guy, I didn't stay nor did I watch the second hour.

I expect Thursday's 360 to be very similar - Pope news, political news and little else. Can viewers expect things to get back to normal on Monday? What's normal now? A deluge of Trump, a passing nod to the Democratic side and then one non-political story? 360 can do better.

aries moon said...

Anderson let Sam Clovis drone on and on--I think on some level AC likes the freewheeling way Trump is campaigning even if he may not agree with him on many issues. I had to laugh listening to Clovis talking about how amazing Trump and his campaign are knowing that Clovis was trashing Trump left and right when he was part of Rick Perry's failed campaign a few months ago--but that's politics.

That little girl voguing while AC was trying to interview her about meeting the Pope was hysterical--leave it to kids to do exactly what they feel whenever they feel like it.

CWM84 said...

Pope, pope, pope, trump, trump, trump. I don't get why it was a two hour program and I watched a few minutes until I figured what the main focus was going to be about. Hopefully 360 will become a good variety program from news all around the world. This main topic and fixated on it for weeks on in is tedious on the viewer...