Monday, October 19, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, October 19, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  In the second hour there was a segment with Peter Bergen who isn't on 360 enough for the ladies at ATA:

And in another segment Paul Begala made an appearance talking about Hillary's e-mails:

On SNL this past Saturday the cold open was a parody of the Democratic Debate that included new cast member Jon Rudnitsky as Anderson:

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Jaanza said...

Because of 'Gotham' I saw only the second hour of 360. When I got to the show a couple of minutes after it started, Anderson was talking to a reporter about Trump campaigning in South Carolina. I checked out Maddow and when I checked back it was Ari Fleischer and Peter Bergen discussing the squabbling between Trump and Jeb Bush about Dubya Bush and 9/11. I haven't seein Fleischer in a while and had hoped he was gone for good. Dagnabbit he's back. Bergen did a pretty good job slamming the Dubya administration, they "never saw this coming" but should have and "the debate is worth having".

Is Hillary Clinton 360's new Obama? A person who's coverage on 360 is always negative? At least Paul Begala was there. Anderson started by saying Clinton will testify before the Benghazi committee later this week and had Begala and Jeffrey Lord talk about it. I'm glad Begala pointed out there were 7 previous investigations and nothing stuck to Clinton. And, of course, the political motives behind the newest investigation.
How about a look - by Anderson, by the media in general, by GOP select committees - of the 13 attacks on U.S. diplomatic personnel and their deaths during the Dubya administration?

Anderson's '60 Minutes' report on the European refugee crisis was shown. I'm okay with his reports being broadcast again on 360 especially really good ones like this one.

Next Anderson talked to Ben Wedeman about new violence in Israel. The part about gun possession/licensing in Israel was interesting to hear. Maybe the U.S. should try something like that.

Last was an update on Lamar Odom and a talk with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Was this a repeat of the first hour of 360?

aries moon said...

The Bush Administration should've heeded the warnings they received about Osama bin Laden and Al Queda--there would've been no 9/11 if they had--no amount of revisionist history and excuse making by ex-Bush Administration folks and the media can change that. George W. Bush did not keep the country safe. Peter Bergen and Paul Begala's intelligence made their segments with idiots/liars Ari Fleischer and Jeff Lord easier to take.

Anderson's 60 Minutes report was excellent--such a struggle the asylum seekers have just trying to survive to reach Europe and then struggle to survive in a new country that may not be very welcoming to them--it's hard to not sympathize with people who just want to have a peaceful, better life for themselves and their children--something that is not necessarily guaranteed, but preferable to the war-torn, impoverished areas they migrate from. On another note, AC could just work for 60 Minutes doing these types of reports for my money--his work on that program is so much better than what typically airs on 360.