Thursday, October 08, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, October 8, 2015 & On New Day

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  In the first hour there was a panel that included Paul Begala who teased Anderson about dancing with Madonna that made us laugh:

In the second hour was a segment on Russia/Syria/Iran with a panel that discussed Russia's involvement in the region.  Luckily there was a military person on the panel to counter the fear mongering:

The second hour ended with Anderson announcing the Top 10 CNN Heroes on AC360:

Anderson was on New Day in the 8amET hour this morning to make the initial announcement of the Top 10 CNN Heroes for 2015 and stuck around for a bit:

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aries moon said...

Republicans have been completely nuts ever since President Obama won the election--and now the insane teabaggers they embraced are burning down the house. Peter King said that many members were crying after the embarrassingly inarticulate and downright weird Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker of the House race--well, it's their own fault--they're reaping what they sowed. I'm sure some in the press are going to try to find some way to blame President Obama for all of this--"if only POTUS would've tried harder to work with the GOP". That's not going to fly because the GOP's extreme craziness has been exposed and even their usual pass-givers in the press can't cover up this mess. Funny how McCarthy was trying to bring down Hillary Clinton with the bogus Benghazi hearings but it ended up bringing HIM down instead and now John Boehner, the guy the nuts hate, may STILL have to stay on because no one else wants the job. Idiots.

Jaanza said...

Rep. Kevin McCarthy taking himself out of the running for Speaker of the House was, of course, the lead story. At one point the on-screen title said it was a "Shocker". Nope. As soon as McCarthy revealed the political purpose of the latest Benghazi investigation (derail Hillary Clinton), anyone could see his days were numbered. Republicans can't have a Speaker who sometimes blurts out the truth. Anderson talked to Dana Bash and Manu Raju about the why and the who's next. Anderson interviewed Rep. Peter King for his point of view; during this interview the possible government shutdown was mentioned. This topic should have its own segment.

Ben Carson had his own segment simply because he continues to say incredibly stupid things. There was a clip of Wolf Blitzer's interview with him (Carson said "You want the guy behind the counter." was said because the gunman was only a robber, not a murderer. Pure spin.) Murdoch's recent tweet about a "real black President" was also in the interview. To analyze all this was a panel of Donna Brazile, Nia Malika Henderson and Carson campaign guy Armstrong Williams.

Before the commercial break Anderson said there'd be news on Melania Trump. So when the next segment started with footage of Trump campaigning in Las Vegas and a Q&A with Sara Murray all about Trump, I changed the channel. When I checked back, Randi Kaye's fluffy report on Mrs. Trump was on. I didn't stay long enough to find out if this was yet another repeat of Kaye's earlier report or if this was a completely new fluff piece on Melania Trump.
Writing this now, I regret not watching Anderson intro Kaye's report. There had to have been a darn good reason for spotlighting Melania again. Was there one? Don't say it's because Trump mentioned her today. Fooey on that. Politicians almost always mention their "lovely wife" in campaign speeches.
Ranting further, why did Trump get his own segment today? Is it because he's claiming credit for McCarthy dropping out of the Speaker race? That's worth only a blip in the Bulletin. I bet at least half of the other umpteen GOP candidates talked about McCarthy in speeches today or were asked about it. Where is their time on 360?

Randi Kaye delivered a more serious report on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders focusing how they talk about each other in campagin speeches, their time together in the Senate and their differences of opinion on certain issues. The panel with Paul Begala and Peter Reinhart is in the ATA post today.

The last report in the first hour was about the 8-year-old girl shot by an 11-year-old boy in Tennessee. The boy is facing murder charges and will be tried as an adult. Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin about the case.

I did not watch the second hour but am glad to see the news of Russia/Syria/Iran finally making it on the show more than an hour after Anderson previewed this story at the start of the first hour. It should have been in the first hour, maybe moving the Trump segment to the second hour or taking it out completely.

aries moon said...

Yep. 360 doesn't seem to think First Lady Michelle Obama and the work she does warrants ANY coverage at all, but they go out of their way to report on Trump's insignificant trophy wife TWICE. Disgusting.

CWM84 said...

The attacks on Obama, clinton, dems continue even with all of this gop dysfunction. The damn big news Corporations all just want GOP to hold power to continue the low taxes for rich and keep economic inequality in place. I'm not even a liberal or democrat I'm independent and see what cnn is doing and most media in general. Slam Obama, ignore first lady... give no credit to Obama, bring down Hilary.... don't pay much attention to Sanders, discredit him... while the gop are treated like ROCK stars! Its grossly unfair how the dems are being treated this cycle. I am for fair and balance. If you want to bring up dirt on Hilary do it to Trump, Jeb, cruz, huckabee and the rest of the field too. If you are going to allow Obama to be attacked push back and bring up other things about what he's had to deal with since being President and the imbecile who was in the white house and almost destroyed the country before him! I'm skipping 360 and getting most news from social media and papers and reading comments on here. I have had enough of CNN being fox lite... and giving GOP a free pass. The hostility for dems is palpable on CNN. A supposed neutral network. Neutral my ass!

CWM84 said...

I don't understand what the house has against Boehner. He loathes Obama, he is against abortion, he is against same sex marriage, against minimum wage increase, big business lover, lower taxes for rich. He slams Obama everyday. He is for everything they are and against everything they are... I do not get it. Simply because he doesn't want another shut down? But Boehner is as bad as it gets... against equality in ALL forms.

Unknown said...

... CNN has attacked GOP candidates multiple times. I mean look at how they are treating Carson now because of his comments about Muslims. It's also not CNN's job to defend Obama.

Maybe CNN is paying more attention to GOPs because there are more than two people running. So obviously they would cover them more than Hillary and Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Some people ned to remove their blue tinted glasses and see all the things that actually happen and not just what they want to see on the show.

aries moon said...

No one's saying it's CNN's 'job' to defend Obama. We're talking about basic journalistic fair and balanced coverage and CNN and AC360 in particular hasn't given that to the president in a very long time--they barely report on any major news involving the president at all when other network and cable news programs do on a regular basis--360 seems to deliberately avoid it. Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes don't 'defend' the president either, even as liberal-friendly as they are, but they DO cover the important news stories pertaining to him. 360 didn't cover the Iran deal, the Cuba agreement, the climate change deal with China, TPP,--all significant news stories that they didn't even see fit to mention in the 360 Bulletin--meanwhile Trump gets continuous coverage no matter how unimportant and repetitive. I am curious why that is.

Unknown said...

I get that AC360 doesn't exactly cover Obama frequently. However other CNN shows do. CNN can be very repetitive for those of us that watch more than just AC360. That's why I dont mind AC360 not discussing Obama, because Jake Tapper already did so on his show. Same with the Iran deal.

I totally agree that CNN covers Trump too much. I was just pointing out that CNN does not treat GOP candidates like "Rock Stars". Both sides are being attacked, and most of the time when Donald Trump is being mentioned they are attacking him.

I also wish they covered the other Democratic candidates more besides Hillary, but I understand that they are harping on her because she's the front runner as of now. I also think it's funny how peopel are upset that AC360 doesn't really mention the Democrats yet he's hosting the first Democratic Debate in 4 days.

aries moon said...

The reason I think 360 is deliberately avoiding news about President Obama is because they USED to report on his activities regardless of how many other CNN shows reported the same thing--they ALL reported on him--now 360 won't do it unless there's a controversy attached to it and some kind of negative slant--another ATA poster mentioned the other day how AC allowed some grieving gun nut to go on and on bashing the President's trip to Oregon to comfort the families.

I'm not impressed with Anderson moderating the Democratic debate because I think it's easier for him to appear to be tough on Democrats than it is for him to go after Republicans. Anderson has even said a few times how much he admires and respects Megyn Kelly of Fox News--an anchor who spends a lot of time race-baiting and not being very interested in actual facts--not once has Anderson ever complimented Rachel Maddow on air in the way he has Kelly and Bill O'Reilly and I'm sure he's familiar with Maddow's work and reputation as well.

AC360 (and CNN) features liberal politicians and pundits so infrequently that it's a surprise when they show up--I'm not the only commenter on ATA to have noticed it. The Republicans aren't running for president alone so Democrats should get equal time and a lot of the time they don't.