Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  In the second hour of AC360 there was an actual segment with Democrats talking about last night's debate.  I know, right?

And after the toss to Don Lemon there was a strange exchange with Anderson and Don:

A few more photos of Anderson Cooper from from last night's debate:

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Jaanza said...

As it should be 360 started with news on yesterday's Democratic debate. Anderson talked to Brianna Keller at a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Las Vegas and then another reporter at a bernie Sanders rally in Virginia. The panel - Dana Bash, David Axelrod, Nia-Malika Henderson - got into the nitty gritty of the debate. I was distracted for part of the discussion but did catch that Biden was talked about and that Anderson said Independent voters don't trust Hillary. I'd like to see Trump's numbers on that score and hear Anderson announce them on 360.

Does everybody remember 360 on 9/17? The day after CNN's GOP debate? It was almost entirely on reviewing the debate; the exception segment was Drew Griffin's on the shady charity who snared Trump to speak on their behalf on the U.S.S. Iowa. Hillary didn't have a segment devoted to her on 9/17.
But today Anderson had to get to the Trump news. There's a new poll that gives Trump a big lead among Republicans in Nevada and South Carolina. I didn't need the details and changed the channel.

For reasons known only to Anderson and his producers, a report by Poppy Harlow about how women business leaders feel about Hillary had to wait until after the Trump segment. Harlow's report was pretty good and had the most positive Hillary comments you'll probably ever see on 360.

Randi Kaye had a report on Lamar Odom, former basketball player who played stupidly with drugs and is now in the hospital. If Odom wasn't married to a Kardashian, his news would have been a blip in the Bulletin. I did not watch this segment.

The last segment in the first hour was about the new violence in Jerusalem. Anderson talked to Ben Wedeman who was there.

At the very end of the first hour Anderson previewed the second hour and announced it would include an interview with Ivanka Trump. Nope, not interested. Although at least it wasn't until the second hour, I'm pissed Trump and his family are getting so much attention on 360.

Thanks, ATA, for the video of the better panel on the Dem debate. Loved hearing Sanders diss the Koch brothers. There were good, smart answers from Jeff Weaver, Van Jones and Dan Pfeiffer.and I wonder why this segment wasn't the second one of the first hour.

aries moon said...

Anderson did a fine job as a moderator--I do wish he had brought up voting rights/suppression--Hillary Clinton has discussed it several times during her campaign and it would've been a good moment for the public to hear the Democratic candidates views on what's been happening in GOP-led states as far as making it difficult for Democratic-leaning voters to register goes. I also wish that the candidates would've talked a little more about the Black Lives Matter movement in terms of actual police brutality and the unequal criminal justice system. AC has never been interested in the voter suppression topic and he has great admiration for law enforcement, so I figured he wouldn't push the candidates on that, but at least it was a part of the discussion. Anderson was tough and aggressive, had good follow-up questions for the most part and was firm about keeping the debate moving and keeping the candidates on topic. I would like to see Anderson moderate one of the Republican debates--a commenter on the previous ATA post was wondering the same thing I am--whether or not AC would take on the Republicans as forcefully as he did with the Democratic candidates--I said here a while back that it's relatively easy for AC to be tough on Democrats because it gets him high marks from conservatives and beats back to a degree the idea that he (and CNN) are lapdogs for liberals (can't imagine how anyone could think that). As much as I thought AC was impressive as the debate moderator, I still need to see him moderate a Republican debate in order to see if he is willing to challenge conservatives just as strongly.

The Ivanka Trump interview was pointless and I couldn't hit the mute button fast enough--same with Lamar Odom.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon - I agree with all you said about the debate. Anderson was a good moderator. I laughed when Hillary shot back her "no" answer at Anderson. For all the bad press he and CNN have given her, I hope she found some satisfaction in that. I heard that Wolf Blitzer is moderating the next CNN Republican debate so you know he'll lob softballs at the candidates and he won't push back like Anderson did. Jake Tapper should be embarrassed after watching Anderson as moderator. However, I don't think Anderson would moderate a Republican debate in the same way. He certainly hasn't pushed back on Trump when interviewing him or any of Trump's mouthpieces that have appeared on AC360, including the one last night.

Anderson should be embarrassed to have Trump's campaign person on the program saying they haven't had to spend any money on media buys because of all the free airtime the media has given Trump. Anderson and CNN have a Trump segment every night. Even on the day of the Dem debate there was a segment about Trump going to be live tweeting the event. CNN needs to rename itself to the TNN - Trump News Network.

aries moon said...

@anon 11:25, excellent points about how Trump gets free publicity from CNN and other networks who cover his every appearance, no matter how insignificant or unnecessary--there's nothing impressive about Trump not spending much money, the cable networks are ensuring that he doesn't have to. And yes it's doubtful that Wolf or AC would be willing to ask tough questions of the GOP in a debate. We'll see.