Monday, December 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Las Vegas on Monday, December 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair after taking last Friday night off.  AC360 was live for two hours from Las Vegas and the program centered around tomorrow night's CNN Republican Debate.

Earlier in the day, Anderson took some questions from Facebook:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

As usual I watched only the first hour. As ATA states, the content did center on tomorrow's GOP debate. Unfortunately, nearly all of the discussion on the debate concentrated on Trump.

At the start, Anderson gave an overview and then turned things over to John King to explain the latest poll numbers. In some of them Cruz tops Trump (polls among evangelicals and tea partiers, for example). The five-person panel was Jake Tapper, Ana-Malika Henderson, Andy Dean, David Axelrod and Amanda Carpenter. When they wouldn't stop talking about Trump, I changed the channel.

President Obama made an appearance in the show. There was a clip from his speech about fighting ISIS and that led into another panel to discuss specifically which GOP candidate would be the best Commander-in-Chief. The panel here included Kevin Madden and the above panel except for Henderson. Still too much Trump; Hayes had a good segment about politics and money.

Trump started the next segment all about "War of Words Heats Up" with clips of various GOP candidates dissing each other so there was a lot of Trump in there. Besides Hayes, the ESPN football game just started.

The only non-political segment of the first hour was on the San Bernardino terrorist couple. Jim Sciutto had more information on the wife, how she got into the country, fake names and the couple's jihadi-influenced social media output. Robert Baer and Tom Fuentes were the panel.

Last in the first hour, instead of reporting on Egypt decarling the Russian airplane crash in Sinai was definitely not a bomb, instead of reporting on the Paris climate change deal and instead of reporting on Congress' latest attempt to destroy the ACA... there was a fluffy report profiling Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted. The report was done by Tom Foreman and it was a complete waste of time.

I hope Anderson got to those other topics in the second hour.

aries moon said...

Lots of talk about Trump and the other GOP candidates "muscularity" when it comes to handling ISIS as opposed to President Obama's "weakness". Has everyone forgotten that all that tough talk pushed us into a disastrous war in Iraq and ultimately led to the formation of ISIS? The Obama Administration's strategy on combating ISIS has had its successes but that is not what the Trump obsessive reporters want to cover. Sean Spicer has to be out of his mind if he actually believes that voters will overlook Trump's vile racism, sexism and hate and give him the win in 2016--Spicer believes there is more excitement on the right for their candidates and the election, but those of us on the left are just as fired up about keeping the GOP OUT of the White House--especially now with the monstrous, backward thinking, racist candidates leading the conservative pack. Van Jones had some good moments, but he kind of lost me with all the Reagan love and his comment about Democrats being "afraid" of Marco Rubio. Please...

So Anderson thinks he may be registered as an Independent? I'm surprised he even answered the question but that is probably the 'safe' answer if you aren't familiar with the idea that most Independents end up voting for the Republican.

CWM84 said...

I'm so sick of these endless panels... its so tedious and a lot of their views are repeated over and over and its just annoying. Instead of substantial reporting we get commentators that yap, yap, gossip... I just can't hardly watch this program anymore. This is not what most viewers want to see. Anderson is probably not independent. He is probably republican. I'm registered independent and usually vote Democrat or third party. I did support our new moderate Governor tho. I label my political leanings as moderate. Too me too left or too right is NOT the way to go. So Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders are not my pics lol...