Monday, December 21, 2015

Anderson Cooper Hosts CNN Quiz Show - Famous Americans Edition

With the very capable John Berman in the AC360 anchor chair for the vacationing Anderson Cooper, we bring you the CNN Quiz Show Famous Americans Edition that aired on Sunday, December 13th.

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Part 6:

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Unknown said...

AC might be in Brazil again. There was a picture posted of Ben, I'm assuming AC is there too. Kind of odd though since they were there during Thanksgiving break.

aries moon said...

Anderson was a lot smoother hosting the quiz show this time around, but I have a feeling this might be the last time they do this--the ratings for the last episode weren't all that great--I thought the quiz show was fun, but I'm sure AC and the other anchors and some viewers are glad to see it come to an end, if that in fact's what's happened. Still would've liked to have seen AC as a contestant once though.

Jaanza said...

Thanks for posting the 'Quiz Show', I have to wait to watch it until I get a chunk of time on the better computer, maybe a couple days.

I barely watched Monday's 360. I was a minute late and there was live coverage of Trump's speech in Grand Rapids MI. Checked Hayes' substitute who was covering Hillary Clinton's response to Trump calling her a liar. Back on 360 John Berman explained Trump's main point on calling Hillary a liar and, to be redundant, showed a clip of Trump calling Hillary a liar. I went elsewhere in TV land.

Checking back later, Berman was talking to Jeffrey Lord and the on-screen title was "Trump and Clinton: War of Words". Berman ended what was a panel and previewed the next segment. And that next segment was on Obama blasting Trump or vice versa, I don't know, I changed channels again.

When I checked back:
- at :33 it was a clip of NPR's interview with Obama. At that moment the topic was ISIS. However, a football game just started.
- at :41 the smaller top screen title was "Vegas Hit and Run" and the larger screen title was "Deadly Driving was an 'Intentional Act'' but I didn't watch anymore of the report.
- at :48 Sanjay Gupta was doing a report on "New Hampshire's Drug Abuse Epidemic".
- at :56 there was a Q&A between Berman and Gupta about drug abuse in New Hampshire.

Someone else will have to write in and let me know if Berman ever got to Hillary's response or the story of 6 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber.

I hope Anderson is having a real vacation and not working at all. He's off next week too? I think last year he was but came back just for the New Year's Eve show.

CWM84 said...

I hope AC comes back with more fire and somehow change the direction of this once good program. It seems AC is silenced from doing KTH segments on republican statements. I know I come on here and complain a lot about the show but I know I'm not the only one hugely disappointed on shows direction. John Berman does a very good job, he's more forthright, opinionated without making it to obvious of which way he leans.