Friday, January 22, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, January 22, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from LA.  Most of the hour was devoted to weather reports from various spots on the East Coast but a Trump segment managed to make the cut.

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Jaanza said...

Friday's 360 East Coast winter storm coverage was surprising. At the start I expected Anderson would touch upon the subject of the blizzard and then it would be Trump Trump GOP Trump Cruz Trump Iowa Trump Trump Trump. However, the entire first two segments were on the coming snow storm. there were reports from meteorologist Ghad Myers and reports from various reporters in various locations; Miguel Marquez in Baltimore, someone else in DC and Rene Marsh at Reagan Airport.

In the second segment Brian Todd reported from a highway in northern VA. Anderson interviewed Police Chief Cathy and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake.

The Trump segment was third. Anderson talked about a new poll - Trump still on top - and the special issue of the National Review magazine with their front page cover loudly stating "AGAINST TRUMP". I stupidly stayed for the panel. Michael Medved from National Review had some good points but Sam Clovis of the Trump campaign got more time. The woman on the panel, Mona Charen, was asked only one question. Two comments from Clovis stood out. He said the GOP establishment (whoever they are) are "..not in touch with what's going on in this country, they should go to a Trump rally." And see anyone who's not a Trump-sign-waving white hillbilly get shouted at, harassed and thrown out? Later Clovis said Trump would "... bring the Executive Branch back inside the Constitution..." Never mind if Obama is "out of the Constitution now" but does Clovis honestly really believe Trump is the guy who would bring it back?

The rest of 360 was about the storm. Someone reported from Philadelphia, Anderson interviewed Samantha Phillips, Director of Philadelphia Management. And Nick Valencia reported from northern Virginia and talked to one of the snow plow guys.

In the next segment Chad Myers gave an update and there was more from Brian Todd on the road.

It was great seeing 360 get away from another program dominated by politics (that is, dominated by Trump and/or the rest of the GOP field). However, as I watched I also scoffed. "Fiddlesticks," I scoffed, "Our Halloween Blizzard of '91 dumped 28 inches of snow over three days! Duluth got 37 inches!" Until you're talking about over two feet of snow from one storm, I scoff.

Survey Time! Guess what my favorite word today is?

aries moon said...

It's interesting how so many on the right like to label President Obama as divisive--Trump rallies are nothing but a racist validating the bigotry of his racist supporters. I remember President Obama's campaign rallies bringing together people of all races. This is not what's happening with Trump. Trump supporters may have some real grievance with the GOP establishment and the government, but I'm convinced that all the anger they're feeling now mainly stems from failing to stop a black man from winning the White House TWICE and the shifting racial demographics in this country.