Monday, January 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, January 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper was back in the anchor chair for an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  He opened the program with the breaking news of the death of Glenn Frey (The Eagles):

After some segments with a lot of Trump talk, Anderson got around to discussing the Democratic Debate that was held Sunday night.  We just love us some Paul Begala!

The last segment of the first hour was a report by Jim Scuitto about the American hostages release by Iran:

Anderson opened the second hour with more Trump and we hit the FF button.  We did  stop on a segment with Anderson talking to Fareed Zakaria and David Axelrod about the freed Americans and President Obama's Legacy concerning the Iran Deal:

Next was another segment on the death of Eagle's Legend Glenn Frey, this time Anderson talked to Linda Ronstadt:

The last segment of the second hour was a preview of "The Person Who Changed My Life" special that Anderson is hosting for CNN and airs this weekend.  Anderson shared his story about his father - Wyatt:

From Anderson's IG account on Saturday:

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Jaanza said...

My sympathies to the family of Glenn Frey, musician and singer formerly with the Eagles. His death at age 67 is indeed *BREAKING NEWS* and maybe that's why Anderson spent the first segment on Frey. However, personally his death isn't the shock fist to the heart that was David Bowie's. After giving an overview Anderson talked to Sara Sidner for more information, a telephone interview with Alex Gibney (author of an Eagles biography) and then Sanjay Gupta for the medical details.

"Faith, Religion and Votes" is a segment title we've seen over Anderson's shoulder before and here it was again at the start of the second segment. First time around the picture included Trump, Cruz and Rubio and this time Rubio was left out. When the clip of Trump speaking at Liberty University started, I changed the channel. I'm still boycotting Trump coverage. When I checked back later there was a panel with two new guys; I didn't stick around to get their names.

I didn't watch the next segment either. It was "Attack Politics" focusing on Trump and Cruz. The on-screen title was "Blistering Attacks In Trump/Cruz Feud". I left. Later I got a glimpse of the two-man panel and recognized one as Jeffrey Lord.

Because of the NFL channel, I missed the start of the 2016 Democratic candidates segment. Thanks, ATA, for posting it here. Why would anyone have a problem with Bill helping Hillary in her possible presidential term? He's been there, done that. Hillary had an active role during Bill's terms involving health care reform. Loved the comment from Paul Begala's niece about Monica Lewinsky. I don't agree with any idea about Bill being "scrutinized". Are any of the rightwingnuts advising the GOP candidates being scrutinized?

I'm blaming the NFL channel (they were replaying the Packers/Cardinals game) for missing the start of the segment on the Americans released by Iran in a prisoner swap. So it's not always Hayes.

Before the segment was over, Anderson previewed the second hour - more on the Trump/Cruz feud. Who, after watching the first hour, would want to see that topic covered again?
However, I'm glad to see ATA post the more indepth report on the Americans freed from Iran and the panel with Axelrod and Zakaria. Also the addition of the Linda Ronstadt interview concerning Glenn Frey and the segment of Anderson talking about his father. It's a great piece but having seen it already on 360 (or here on ATA) why would Anderson fans watch the CNN special this weekend?
Too often the second hour is a repeat of the first and not worth watching. If it is different enough from the first hour, after re-hashing the political stuff, maybe it would be worth tuning in. But when Anderson previews it with "here's the same story we reported 45 minutes ago" how many 360 watchers change the channel?

aries moon said...

The Iran American hostages release and the Democratic debates should have been the first two topics on 360--the death of the Eagles Glenn Frey probably could've been broadcast later in the show.

Surprised to see coverage of the Flint water/lead poisoning crisis on 360--gross negligence and corruption by Republican politicians doesn't usually get much airtime on 360--especially when the victims are poor and/or minority (Katrina is an exception). Gov. Rick Snyder needs to be severely punished for the harm he and his administration have inflicted on the citizens of Flint. Rachel Maddow was one of the first national reporters on this story and I'm glad it's begun to get attention from political leaders.

Almost didn't watch AC's chat with Fareed Zakaria and David Axelrod because AC's promo made it sound like it would be another Republican-centered bashing of President Obama's foreign policy, but thankfully it wasn't.

AC's tribute to his father and how he affected his life was very moving--I'm sure his father would be very proud of all he's accomplished and how he's lived his life.