Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from Houston, TX on Wednesday night ahead of the CNN Republican Debate on Thursday night.  Most of the program was devoted to political news and a telephone interview with he who shall not be named that was recorded earlier in the day and edited for air!  There will be a shortened AC360 on Thursday night and then Anderson will anchor a special two hour edition of AC360 post debate.

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CWM84 said...

So sick of this 24 hour campaign crap coverage. There are other things happening in the world than the gop presidential primaries! Why doesn't AC travel for CNN anymore covering world stories and hard news? They aren't using his talents right anymore. More dumb downed and passive. I can barely watch this program anymore. As soon as it starts, Trump... Cruz, Rubio... their attacks, pundits over analyzing everything... wouldn't we love another Planet and peril adventure? Some follow ups from Africa, Asia, South America. Wouldn't we love to see AC travel to middle east to cover syria and more conflicts? Wouldn't we love AC to push back and KTH on GOP and Clinton? I just think AC is just used as a prop and not as a journalist anymore on CNN. Its almost like he in 360 aren't working. I miss the old days. 2005-2011. I just wishes for more content for investigations and more time devoted to anything other than this ridiculous clown show of GOP race!

Jaanza said...

Too much politics wasn't the problem. It was too much Trump. I was 2 minutes late to Wednesday's 360; a report from Don Mattingly (?) was already in progress about Trump's winning streak. Jason Carroll's Rubio report followed; it had too much time on what Rubio thinks of Trump and not enough on Rubio's campaign strategy. Next was Sunian Serfaty reporting on the Cruz campaign. Then, unfortunately, Anderson started the tape (not LIVE like the screen said) of his telephone interview with Trump. Although Trump is the big deal in GOP primaries, that in no way means I have to stick around and hear him bleat and blather. I went to Hayes who had the slightly better topic of how the Republican Party traditionalists are hurting because of Trump.

The second second was Trump telephone interview part two. When I checked back later there was a panel of six pundits (not sure if it was a new segment) and Jeffrey Lord was talking about Trump. Checking back a few minutes later the topic was Trump.

Finally there was a segment on the Democratic candidates. Joe Johns had a report on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the South Carolina primary coming up. The rest of the segment was a panel with Cornel West and Bakari Sellers; their focus was the African-American vote, the history of each candidate in civil rights and race relations. West and Sellers became very argumentative and talked over each other quite a bit.

The final segment of the first hour was on Melania Trump. It was a different flattering report on Melania, not the often-seen Randi Kaye one. I chose to watch Hayes interview Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI and Judiciary Committee member) about Obama and a SCOTUS nominee.

Anderson started the second hour touting his Trump telephone interview and promising more from it. NOPE.

@CWM84 - I don't mind political news every night... in moderation and not to the exclusion of other news. I've only watched the first hours on Monday and Wednesday but so far I haven't seen 360 cover the Zika virus (now in Florida) or the privacy fight between the FBI and Apple. Elsewhere there was big SCOTUS news regarding Obama considering Nevada Gov. Sandovar, a Republican. These stories are ignored so more time can be given to Trump. And that shouldn't happen.

aries moon said...

Didn't listen to the "he who shall not be named" interview--nothing comes of it if reporters like AC and news networks like CNN have to play nice with the guy and not challenge him or insist on real answers on policy because they need the ratings he supposedly brings--this does a disservice to the public.

Can't stand the irritating Obama/Hillary critic Cornel West--he's still pissed because the president wasn't interested in his advice. And all that "brother" this and "sister" that stuff he does is annoying as heck.