Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Anderson Cooper was back in the NYC studio and anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360.  There was a giant panel with politics taking up most of the two hours.

From social media today - Anderson apparently flew from DC to NYC this afternoon.

And it looks like he was either channeling his inner Don Johnson or just forgot to put on socks for tonight's program!

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Jaanza said...

Anderson started Wednesday's 360 with what I thought was a line-up of upcoming stories he'll cover: Obama congratulating astronaut Kelly, Romney dissing Trump, GOP attempts to stop Trump, Clinton vs. Sanders. All those stories were covered in the first hour except for Obama and astronaut Kelly. If Anderson did cover it I missed it, it must have been a very short piece.

The lead story was Trump and it started with a Randi Kaye report on the GOP establishment hoping to deny Trump the nomination. I went to Hayes. Although I agree with booting Trump out of the nomination, I don't think the GOP establishment is anywhere near close to doing that. Getting back Anderson was talking to Dana Bash and then Mark Preston. Then the panel of 8 was introduced. The panel included Jeffrey Lord and I hoped he would apologize for his idiocy on yesterday's show. John King got the first question and I liked his answer on how the GOP might have to break the GOP to get rid of Trump. Gloria Borger called it "an insurrection" for the GOP to go against their base. When it was Lord's turn, he talked about Trump... no apologies. I went back to Hayes.

The Trump campaign has finally released some details on Trump's replacement plan for the ACA. Anderson spoke to Bash for the details. I didn't stay for this segment and when I checked in later the panel of 8 was on.

John King held court at the Magic Map for "By The Numbers" - looking at where the race stands now and speculating on possible outcomes of future primaries and delegate counts.

I missed the start of the "Clinton vs. Sanders" segment because I was watching Hayes. He had a segment on Gov. Christie's behavior/look while standing behind Trump during the endorsement event. I stayed with Hayes because I felt Anderson wouldn't have covered this topic even though it's received a lot of attention and also a lot of backlash for Christie. When I got to 360 the panel of 8 was in session.

Lo and behold Anderson did cover Christie's "long face" during that event. Even though he waited until the last segment of the hour, there was a very good report from somebody (didn't catch the name).

For 360's second hour I watched Maddow. The few times I checked in on 360 it looked like a repeat of the first hour.

aries moon said...

There seemed to be a bit of anti-Hillary slant within the AC360 political panel while Trump and Sanders didn't get much criticism. I think the MSM has always had it in for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their ties to President Obama don't help--I think they're all secretly rooting for Hillary to be defeated by Sanders or Trump (mainly Trump because they need the big ratings that match up would bring).

I hope Van Jones will return to 360--Trump's sickening spokes-ghoul Jeff Lord was back sucking up all the oxygen on the panel--AC needs to stop letting him dominate the conversation.

Did the camera folks deliberately film AC on his high chair from that angle BECAUSE he wasn't wearing socks? Because why??