Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 & Anderson's Very Busy Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  Most of the program was devoted to politics, but there was a 360 Bulletin and a segment on the investigation into Prince's death.  The program ended with a segment on Dennis Hastert:

Anderson appeared with Brooke Baldwin on Newsroom today to talk about CNN airing the HBO documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid:

After AC360 Anderson appeared on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to talk about his book and documentary, the political season and the opening on Live!:

Anderson and Gloria's appearance on WWHL with Andy Cohen aired at 11pmET:

WWHL Part 1:

WWHL Part 2:
WWHL Part 3:

Anderson brought Lilly along:

WWHL After Show Part 1:

WWHL After Show Part 2:

Tomorrow (Friday) Anderson has scheduled appearances on The Chew and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!  Mr. Cooper is a busy man!

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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was one hour; less time on Trump but nonetheless still too much Trump. Oddly enough we have two former House Speakers to thank for diverting attention away from Trump. The show started with a Jason Carroll report on Trump, the "woman card", Hillary Clinton and the women vote. After Anderson had a few questions for Carroll, there was the news of John Boehner dissing Cruz. He called Cruz "Lucifer" and an "SOB". Sunian Serfaty reported on this including Cruz's reply that he didn't know Boehner and never worked with him. Serfaty didn't include the news that back in 1998 Cruz was Boehner's attorney. A panel discussed all of this: Patrick Healy, Gloria Borger, Kaleigh McEnany, Amanda Carpenter and Tara Setmayor. Non-surprising comments were made by all especially McEnany who again parroted Trump talking points (i.e. Kasich needs to quit "for the good of the party").

The second segment focused on Trump's "women card" comment. First with a Randi Kaye report; she talked to six Indiana GOP women and their views on Trump and his remark. The viewpoints were all over the place. After two of the women dismissed Trump's anti-women comments, one woman told them "I can't believe you're excusing his behavior." Then Anderson interviewed ___ Weaver (named flashed onscreen for only a nanosecond) and Amy Jo Clarke, two women involved in "Chicks on the Right" (a website? a book?). Their bottom line: not excited by any of the GOP candidates.
At the end of the segment Anderson had a teaser about upcoming coverage on Dennis Hastert and the fellow Republicans who wrote letters of support for him. That coverage didn't come until the last segment.

The 'not excited about GOPers" viewpoint was shared by many in the Indiana county Gary Tuchman concentrated on for his report, a county with a "knack for picking the President". I don't remember Tuchman asking about Clinton or Sanders though one or two people said they were voting against her. But I loved the clip of Trump in the report; as he was finishing a speech the clip included footage of a guy walking up behind Trump and wildly waving his arms to pump up the audience response.
When the Bulletin started I thought Hastert would be one of the blips. He wasn't. The second blip was the airstrikes on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo, Syria (way more coverage on Hayes' show). The last blip was on the seat belt which came loose on a six-year-old boy on a roller coaster. The boy's dad held on to him with one arm... and recorded the whole thing with his phone in his other hand. Maybe because I'm a mom but I would have used both arms to hold on to my kid.

Next segment was on the death of Prince and the opiod painkillers found on Prince. Anderson interviewed Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Last segment was finally on Dennis Hastert, his 15-month prison sentence, the letters of support by other Republicans, past Hastert comments on punishments for child abusers and the regret felt now by some of those Republicans. Anderson talked to Drew Griffin on this and I honestly would have loved to see more about this topic. But nope, not enough time.

Along with all the other publicity for Anderson's and Mom Gloria's HBO show 'Nothing Left Unsaid', there was a commercial during 360 for a CNN special airing Friday about Anderson and his Mom. It's on after 360?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am just curious as I am not real computer savvy, why you can't watch these videos on the Kindle Fire? It always says "this plugin not supported" I got on my laptop today so I could catch up on a lot of the videos. Thanks so much for continuing to post videos from other shows that I don't get to see. Thank you

aries moon said...

Megyn Kelly has her supporters, AC included, but I'm not a fan, as far as I'm concerned, she's no different than the rest of the bigoted clowns on Fox News, she's a fearmonger who has a record of pushing the same right wing hate and lies about President Obama and minorities in general. She might like to call herself an "Independent" and she may get praise by some in the media for her 'journalism' but there are many of us who are not fooled by or impressed with Kelly.

On a more pleasant note, AC's dog Lilly is about as cute and precious as she can be.

The ATA Team said...

@ Anonymous 11:01AM

Sorry it took us so long to reply, but the problem is not with you or your Kindle Fire. The blog publishing service we use does not use a video format that allow the videos to be viewed on Smart phones and tablets. We are hoping that they will make this update someday, but until then you will need to use your laptop or a desktop to be able to view the videos. Sorry.